Petrology, 2015, V 23, N 2.

Chelyabinsk Meteorite: Shock Metamorphism, 
Black Veins and Impact Melt Dikes, 
and the Hugoniot  
D. D. Badyukov, J. Raitala, P. Kostama, 
and A. V. Ignatiev 
p. 103  
Possible Serpentine Relicts in Lunar Meteorites  
S. I. Demidova, M. A. Nazarov, T. Ntaflos, 
and F. Brandstatter 
p. 116   
Volcanic Complexes on Venus: Distribution, 
Age, Mechanisms of Origin, and Evolution  
M. A. Ivanov 
p. 127   
Characteristics and Origin of the Components
of the Carbonaceous Chondrite NWA 470  
M. A. Ivanova and M. I. Petaev 
p. 150  
Origin of Native Silicon and Iron Silicides
in the Dhofar 280 Lunar Meteorite  
M. A. Nazarov, S. I. Shornikov, 
and S. I. Demidova 
p. 168  
Dehydrogenation as the Mechanism of Formation 
of the Oriented Spinel?Pyroxene Symplectites 
and Magnetite?Hematite Inclusions 
in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Olivines  
N. R. Khisina and C. A. Lorenz