Petrology, 2012, V 20, N 2.

Interaction between a Mafic Melt and Host Rocks during Formation
of the Kivakka Layered Intrusion, North Karelia  
N. M. Revyako, Yu. A. Kostitsyn, and Ya. V. Bychkova 
p. 101   
Formation and Upwelling of Mantle Diapirs through 
the Cratonic Lithosphere:
Numerical Thermomechanical Modeling  
O. P. Polyansky, S. N. Korobeynikov, 
A. V. Babichev, and V. V. Reverdatto 
p. 120   
Experimental Study of Liquid Immiscibility in 
the Fluid?Magmatic Silicate Systems
Containing Ti, Nb, Sr, REE, and Zr  
N. I. Suk 
p. 138   
Early Eocene Magmatism in the Sredinnyi Range, 
Kamchatka: Composition
and Geodynamic Aspects  
M. V. Luchitskaya and A. V. Soloviev 
p. 147   
Composition, Sources, and Genesis of 
Granitoids in the Irtysh Complex,
Eastern Kazakhstan  
M. L. Kuibida, N.    N. Kruk, N. I. Volkova, 
P. A. Serov, and T. A. Velivetskaya