Petrology, 2021, V 29, N 1.

Mafic–Ultramafic Complexes of the Stalemate Ridge, 
NW Pacific, and the Shirshov Rise, Bering Sea: 
Geochemical Similarities and Differences
S. A. Silantyev, I. V. Kubrakova and 
S. N. Nabiullina 
p. 1  

Variations of Source Composition and Melting Degrees
of Olivine-Phyric Rocks from Kamchatsky Mys: 
Results of Geochemical Modeling of Trace Element Contents in Melts
N. Nekrylov, A. A. Korneeva, D. P. Savelyev 
and T. N. Antsiferova 
p. 14  

Paleozoic Alkaline-Mafic Intrusions of the Kuznetsk 
Alatau, Their Sources and Conditions for Magma Generation
V. V. Vrublevskii and I. F. Gertner 
p. 24  

Amazonite Li–F Granites with REE–Nb–Zr–Th–U Specialization: 
Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Isotope Geochronology of 
the Turga Massif, Eastern Transbaikalia
L. F. Syritso, A. A. Ivanova, E. V. Badanina and 
E. V. Volkova 
p. 54  

Thermodynamic Model of the Fluid System H2O–CO2–NaCl 
at P-T Parameters of the Middle and Lower Crust
M. V. Ivanov and S. A. Bushmin 
p. 77  

Habit of Metallic Iron in Experimental Glasses: 
Do You Believe Your Eyes?
A. A. Borisov 
p. 89