Petrology, 2013, V 21, N 1.

Zircon in Gabbroids from the Axial Zone of the 
Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Markov Deep, 6 N: 
Correlation of Geochemical Features 
with Petrogenetic Processes 
L. Ya. Aranovich, T. F. Zinger, N. S. Bortnikov, 
E. V. Sharkov, and A. V. Antonov 
p. 1   

Lead Isotope Composition and Origin of 
the Quaternary Lavas of Elbrus Volcano, 
the Greater Caucasus: High-Precision MC-ICP-MS Data 
A. V. Chugaev, I. V. Chernyshev, V. A. Lebedev, 
and A. V. Eremina 
p. 16   

Cretaceous Lower Crust of the Continental 
Margins of the Northern Pacific: 
Petrological and Geochronological Data on 
Lower to Middle Crustal Xenoliths 
V. V. Akinin, A. V. Andronikov, 
S. B. Mukasa, and E. L. Miller 
p. 28   

Aptian Bimodal Volcanic Associations and 
Granitoids in the Northern Margin 
of the Amur Microcontinent: Age, Sources 
of Material, and Geodynamic Environments 
A. A. Sorokin, A. B. Kotov, V. A. Ponomarchuk, 
A. P. Sorokin, V. P. Kovach, 
and V. M. Savatenkov 
p. 66   

Cenozoic Volcanism of the Eastern Sikhote Alin: 
Petrological Studies and Outlooks 
Yu. A. Martynov and A. I. Khanchuk