Mineralogical Magazine, 2005, V 69, N 6, December.

Carbonate volcanism in Calatrava, central Spain: 
a report on the initial findings 
K. Bailey; M. Garson; S. Kearns; A. P. Velasco 

Microlite-manganotantalite exsolution lamellae: 
evidence from rare-metal pegmatite, Karibib, Namibia 
J. R. Baldwin; P. G. Hill; A. A. Finch; O. von Knorring;
G. J. H. Oliver

Ti-free hogbomite in spinel- and sapphirine-bearing 
Mg-Al rock from the Palghat-Cauvery shear zone 
system, southern India 
T. Tsunogae; M. Santosh

Origin of garnet crystals in calc-alkaline volcanic
rocks from the Setouchi volcanic belt, Japan 
H. Kawabata; N. Takafuji

Redgillite, Cu6(OH)10(SO4)H2O, a new mineral from
Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England: description
and crystal structure 
J. J. Pluth; I. M. Steele; A. R. Kampf; D. I. Green

Pd-bearing oxides and hydrated oxides in mertieite-II
crystals from alluvial sediments of the Darya river, 
Aldan Shield, Russia 
G. G. Shcheka; B. Lehmann; A. N. Solianik

Extremely Pb-rich rock-forming silicates including a
beryllian scapolite and associated minerals in a 
skarn from Langban, Varmland, Sweden 
A. G. Christy; K. Gatedal 

Growth of zircon and titanite during metamorphism
in the granitoid-gneiss terrane south of the 
Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa 
A. Dziggel; R. A. Armstrong; G. Stevens; L. Nasdala

First Italian occurrence of cumengeite from Vesuvius: 
crystal-structure refinement and revision of 
the chemical formula 
G. Cruciani; P. Orlandi; M. Pasero; M. Russo 

Aspidolite, the Na analogue of phlogopite, from Kasuga-mura, 
Gifu Prefecture, central Japan: description and structural data 
Y. Banno; R. Miyawaki; T. Kogure; S. Matsubara; 
T. Kamiya; S. Yamada 

Kosmochlor and chromian jadeite aggregates from the 
Myanmar jadeitite area 
G. H. Shi; B. Stockhert; W. Y. Cui

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