Mineralogical Magazine, 2003, V 67, N 6.

Introduction to the Environmental Mineralogy Special Issue 
P. J. Treloar; S. A. T. Redfern 

Environmental Mineralogy: introduction to a thematic set
of papers arising out of sessions held at IMA 2002, 
Edinburgh, UK 
Fungal involvement in bioweathering and biotransformation
of rocks and minerals 
E. P. Burford; M. Fomina; G. M. Gadd

The role of heterotrophic bacteria in feldspar dissolution
- an experimental approach 
E. Hutchens; E. Valsami-Jones; S. McEldowney; W. Gaze; J. McLean 

A model for the composite nanostructure of bone suggested
by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy  
B. A. Cressey; G. Cressey 

Preliminary EXAFS studies of solid phase speciation of 
As in a West Bengali sediment 
A. G. Gault; D. A. Polya; J. M. Charnock; F. S. Islam;
J. R. Lloyd; D. Chatterjee 

Microscopic and spectroscopic investigation of the calcite
surface interacted with Hg(II) in aqueous solutions 
A. Godelitsas; J. M. Astilleros; K. R. Hallam; J. Lons; A. Putnis 

Surface oxidation of rhodonite: structural and chemical study
by surface scattering and glancing incidence XAS techniques 
M. L. Farquhar; R. A. Wogelius; J. M. Charnock; P. Wincott; 
C. C. Tang; M. Newville; P. J. Eng; T. P. Trainor 

Characterization of amphibole fibres linked to mesothelioma
in the area of Biancavilla, Eastern Sicily, Italy  
A. Gianfagna; P. Ballirano; F. Bellatreccia; B. Bruni; 
L. Paoletti; R. Oberti 

Seasonal changes in the mineral compositions of tropospheric
dust in the industrial region of Upper Silesia, Poland  
M. Jablonska; J. Janeczek; F. J. M. Rietmeijer 

Application of vermiculite and limestone to desulphurization
and to the removal of dust during briquette combustion 
A. Lu; D. Zhao; J. Li; C. Wang; S. Qin 

Study of the dehydration process of vermiculites by applying
a vacuum pressure: formation of interstratified phases 
C. Marcos; A. Arguelles; A. Ruiz-Conde; P. J. Sanchez-Soto;
J. A. Blanco 

Mineralogical control on inorganic contaminant mobility in
leachate from lead-zinc metallurgical slag: experimental
approach and long-term assessment 
V. Ettler; P. Piantone; J.-C. Touray 

Zinc immobilization by zerovalent Fe: surface chemistry
and mineralogy of reaction products
R. B. Herbert Jr 

Characterization and identification of mixed-metal
phosphates in soils: the application of Raman spectroscopy 
A. M. Lanfranco1; P. F. Schofield; P. J. Murphy; 
M. E. Hodson; J. F. W. Mosselmans; E. Valsami-Jones 
Harry Francis West Taylor (1923-2002) 1317 

Book Reviews 
Table of contents in the 'parallel' environmental issue
of American Mineralogist, 2003, vol 88(11 - 12)