Mineralogical Magazine, 2002, V 66, N 6, December.

Hugh Victor Eales: an appreciation and tribute 
F. Johan Kruger

Caveats in defining the magmas parental to the mafic rocks of the Bushveld 
Complex, and the manner of their emplacement: review and commentary 
H. V. Eales

Geochemical effects of magma addition: compositional reversals and decoupling
of trends in the Main Zone of the western Bushveld Complex 
P. A. M. Nex; R. G. Cawthorn; J. A. Kinnaird

Unusual Fe-Ti-Cr spinels from discordant bodies of iron-rich ultramafic 
pegmatite at the Amandelbult Platinum mine, northwestern Bushveld Complex 
R. N. Scoon; H. V. Eales

Delayed accumulation of plagioclase in the Bushveld Complex 
R. G. Cawthorn

Iron-rich ultramafic pegmatite replacement bodies within the Upper Critical 
Zone, Rustenburg Layered Suite, Northam Platinum Mine, South Africa 
D. L. Reid; I. J. Basson

Graftonite in phosphatic iron formations associated with the mid-Proterozoic 
Gamsberg Zn-Pb deposit, Namaqua Province, South Africa 
M. Stalder; A. Rozendaal

Disequilibrium textures in the Leinster Granite Complex, SE Ireland: evidence 
for acid-acid magma mixing 
S. E. Grogan; R. J. Reavy

'Decompressional' reaction textures formed by isobaric heating: an example from 
the thermal aureole of theTaylor Brook Gabbro Complex, western Newfoundland 
S. J. Ings; J. V. Owen

Crystal chemistry of clinopyroxenes from Linosa Volcano, Sicily Channel, Italy: 
implications for modelling the magmatic plumbing system 
L. Bindi; F. Tasselli; F. Olmi; A. Peccerillo; S. Menchetti

Silicate melt inclusions in the cumulate minerals of gabbroic nodules from 
Stromboli Volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy): main components of the fluid phase 
and crystallization temperatures 
E. Salvioli-Mariani; M. Mattioli; A. Renzulli; G. Serri

Chrysoberyl, beryl and zincian spinel mineralization in granulite-facies 
Archaean rocks at Dowerin, Western Australia 
P. J. Downes; A. W. R. Bevan

Origin of reverse zoning in branching orthopyroxene and acicular plagioclase in 
orbicular diorite, Fisher Lake, California 
D. G. Durant; A. D. Fowler

Pressure corrections for a selection of piston-cylinder cell assemblies 
P. McDade; B. J. Wood; W. Van Westrenen; R. Brooker; G. Gudmundsson; H. Soulard; 
J. Najorka; J. Blundy

Complex chromite textures reveal the history of an early Archaean layered 
ultramafic body in West Greenland 
C. C. Appel1; P. W. U. Appel; H. R. Rollinson

Retrograde reactions involving galena and Ag-sulphosalts in a zoned ore deposit, 
Julcani, Peru 
R. O. Sack; P. C. Goodell

Raman and infrared spectroscopic study of the vivianite-group phosphates 
vivianite, baricite and bobierrite 
R. L. Frost; W. Martens; P. A. Williams; J. T. Kloprogge

Compositional variation in minerals of the chevkinite group 
R. MacDonald; H. E. Belkin
James Finch 1919-2002 1099

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