Mineralogical Magazine, 1999, V 63, N 6, DECEMBER.

J. D. Cotter-Howells, P. E. Champness and J. M. Charnock: M
ineralogy of Pb-P grains in the roots of Agrostis capillaris
L. by ATEM and EXAFS 

S. E. P. Dowker, P. Anderson, J. C. Elliott and X. J. Gao: 
Crystal chemistry and dissolution of calcium phosphate in
dental enamel 

L. Quattropani, L. Charlet, H. DeLumley and M. Menu: 
Early Palaeolithic bone diagenesis in the Arago cave at Tautavel,

G. Cressey, F. Wall and B. A. Cressey: 
Differential REE uptake by sector growth of monazite 

B. Harte, I. C. W. Fitzsimons, J. W. Harris and M. L. Otter: 
Carbon isotope ratios and nitrogen abundances in relation to
cathodoluminescence characteristics for some diamonds from 
the Kaapvaal Province, S. Africa 

I. C. W. Fitzsimons, B. Harte, I. L. Chinn, J. J. Gurney and W. R. Taylor: 
Extreme chemical variation in complex diamonds
from George Creek, Colorado: a SIMS study of carbon isotope composition 
and nitrogen abundance 

Y. Moelo, O. Rouer, L. Cario and B. Cervelle: 
Re-examination of yushkinite: chemical composition, optical properties and
interlayer charge transfer 

H. Ishizuka: 
Pumpellyite from the oceanic crust, DSDP/ODP Hole 504B 

I. M. Steele, J. J. Pluth and C. J. Stanley: 
Crystal structure of barstowite (3PbCl2PbCO3H2O) 

H. Miajima, S. Matsubara, R. Miyawaki and K. Ito: I
toigawaite, a new mineral, the Sr analogue of lawsonite, in jadeitite
from the Itoigawa-Ohmi district, central Japan 

A. Pring, M. Jercher and E. Makovicky: 
Disorder and compositional variation in the lillianite 
homologous series 

L. S. Campbell: Discussion on Le Bas et al. (1997) `
Oxygen, carbon and strontium isotope study of the carbonatitic
dolomite host of the Bayan Obo Fe-Nb-REE deposit, 
Inner Mongolia, China', Mineralogical Magazine, 61, 531-41 

Sun Shihua and Yu Jie: 
Fe-Li micas: a new approach to the substitution series 

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