Mineralogical Magazine, 1998, V 62, N 6 (413), DECEMBER.

J.D. Greenough and J.V. Owen: Igneous layering in a dacite: on the origin
and significance of Layer Cake Mountain, Kelowna, B.C., Canada 

D.T. Claeson: Coronas, reaction rims, symplectites and emplacement depth of
the Rymmen gabbro, Transscandinavian Igneous Belt, southern Sweden 

J. Gittins and B.C. Jago: Differentiation of natrocarbonatite magma at
Oldoinyo Lengai volcano, Tanzania 

A.R. Chakhmouradian and R.H. Mitchell: Lueshite, pyrochlore and
monazite-(Ce) from apatite-dolomite carbonatite, Lesnaya Varaka complex,
Kola Peninsula, Russia 

R. Marschallinger: Correction of geometric associated with the 3-D
reconstruction of geological materials by precision serial lapping 

M. Shimizu, R. Miyawaki, A. Kato, S. Matsubara, F. Matsuyama and K. Kiyota:
Tsugaruite Pb4As2S7, a new mineral species from the Yunosawa, Aomori
Prefecture, Japan 

T. Arlt and L.W. Diamond: Composition of tetrahedrite-tennantite and
"schwazite" in the Schwaz silver mines, North Tyrol, Austria 

H.M. Abdalla, H.A. Helba and F.H. Mohamed: Chemistry of columbite-tantalite
minerals in rare metal granitoids, Eastern Desert, Egypt 

A.G. Bulakh, A.R. Nesterov, C.T. Williams and I.S. Anisimov: Zirkelite from
the Sebl'yavr carbonatite complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia: an X-ray and
electron microprobe study of a partially metamict mineral 

B.R. Nayak and B.K. Mohapatra: Two morphologies of pyrophanite in Mn-rich
assemblages, Gangpur Group, India 

T.I. Ivanova, A.G. Shtukenberg, Yu. O. Punin, O.V. Frank-Kamenetskaya and
P.B. Sokolov: On the complex zonality in grandite garnets and implications

H.-J. Massonne, F. Hervé, O. Medenbach, V. Munoz and A.P. Willner:
Zussmanite in ferruginous metasediments from southern central Chile