Mineralogical Magazine, 2006, V 70, N 5, October.

Apatite-group minerals from nepheline syenite, 
Pilansberg alkaline complex, South Africa 
R. P. Liferovich; R. H. Mitchell

Agate and chalcedony from igneous and 
sedimentary hosts aged from 13 to 3480 Ma: 
a cathodoluminescence study 
T. Moxon; S. J. B. Reed

Low-T formation of high-Cr spinel with 
apparently primary chemical characteristics 
within podiform chromitite from Rayat, 
northeastern Iraq 
S. Arai; Y. Shimizu; S. A. Ismail; A. H. Ahmed

Hydrolytic weakening of jadeite in UHP 
jadeite-quartzites from the Dabie Mountains, 
eastern China 
Wen Su; Kai Ye; Jingbo Liu

Tracking magmatic processes through Zr/Hf 
ratios in rocks and Hf and Ti zoning in 
zircons: An example from the Spirit 
Mountain batholith, Nevada 
L. Lowery Claiborne; C. F. Miller; 
B. A. Walker; J. L. Wooden; F. K. Mazdab; F. Bea

Petrology and geodynamic significance of 
deerite-bearing metaquartzites from 
the Escambray Massif, Cuba 
C. Grevel; W. V. Maresch; 
K.-P. Stanek; F. Grafe; S. Hoernes

Crystal-structure refinement of a 
Zn-rich kupletskite from Mont Saint-Hilaire, 
Quebec, with contributions to the 
geochemistry of zinc in peralkaline environments 
P. C. Piilonen; I. V. Pekov; 
M. Back; T. Steede; R. A. Gault

Scanning transmission electron microscopy 
using a SEM: Applications to 
mineralogy and petrology 
M. R. Lee; C. L. Smith

Evidence for metre-scale variations in 
hematite composition within the 
Palaeoproterozoic Itabira Iron Formation, 
Minas Gerais, Brazil 
A. R. Cabral; B. Lehmann; 
H. F. Galbiatti; O. G. Rocha Filho

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