Mineralogical Magazine, 2005, V 69, N 5, October.

Speciation and toxicity: introduction 
to a thematic set of papers arising out 
of a meeting held in London during 2004 
K. Hudson-Edwards; M. E. Hodson
Chemical speciation terminology: 
chromium chemistry and cancer 
J. H. Duffus
Time-dependent surface reactivity of Cd 
sorbed on calcite, hydroxylapatite and humic acid 
E. H. Bailey; J. F. W. Mosselmans; S. D. Young
Aqueous and solid-phase speciation of 
arsenic in Cornish soils 
C. Hutton; D. W. Bryce; W. Russeau; 
H. J. Glass; L. E. T. Jenkin; W. T. Corns; 
P. B. Stockwell

Speciation of adsorbed arsenic(V) on red 
mud using a sequential extraction procedure 
D. A. Rubinos; M. Arias; F. Diaz-Fierros; 
M. T. Barral
Ecological risk assessment of contaminated soil 
J. M. Weeks; S. D. W. Comber
Environmental mineralogy, geochemistry
and human health 
E. Valsami-Jones; D. A. Polya; K. Hudson-Edwards
H. C. W. Skinner
Acidic demineralization of apatites studied 
by scanning X-ray microradiography and 
J. C. Elliott; F. R. G. Bollet-Quivogne; 
P. Anderson; S. E. P. Dowker; R. M. Wilson; 
G. R. Davis

Analyses of patterns of copper and lead 
mineralization in human skeletons excavated
from an ancient mining and smelting centre
in the Jordanian desert: a reconnaissance study 
J. Grattan; L. Abu Karaki; D. Hine; 
H. Toland; D. Gilbertson; Z. al-Saad; B. Pyatt

Fe isotope fractionation during the precipitation
of ferrihydrite and transformation of 
ferrihydrite to goethite 
R. E. Clayton; K. A. Hudson-Edwards; 
D. Malinovsky; P. Andersson
Simultaneous high throughput and quantitative
analysis of MTBE and BTEX by P&T-GCMS 
using a PreceptŪ autosampler 
S. L. Houghton; S. Hall
A preliminary study of the release of
platinum and palladium from metallic 
particles in the surface environment 
by organic acids: relevance to weathering
of particles from vehicle exhaust catalysts 
J. F. W. Bowles; A. P. Gize
Mineralogical controls on storage of 
As, Cu, Pb and Zn at the abandoned 
Mathiatis massive sulphide mine, Cyprus 
K. A. Hudson-Edwards; S. J. Edwards
Spatial relationship between arsenic 
in drinking water and Mycobacterium 
ulcerans infection in the 
Amansie West district, Ghana 
A. A. Duker; E. J. M. Carranza; M. Hale
Aqueous exposure and uptake of arsenic 
by riverside communities affected by 
mining contamination in the Rio 
Pilcomayo basin, Bolivia 
J. Archer; K. A. Hudson-Edwards; 
D. A. Preston; R. J. Howarth; K. Linge
The leaching behaviour of lead metallurgical
slag in high-molecular-weight (HMW) organic solutions 
V. Ettler; J. Jehlicka; V. Masek; J. Hruska
Electrokinetic generation of reactive 
iron-rich barriers in wet sediments: 
implications for contaminated land management 
D. W. S. Faulkner; L. Hopkinson; A. B. Cundy
Gamma-emitting radionuclides and metallic
elements in urban dusts and sediments, 
Coventry, UK: implications of dosages 
for dispersal and disposal 
S. M. Charlesworth; I. D. L. Foster
An investigation into arsenic(V) removal
from aqueous solutions by hydroxylapatite
and bone-char 
I. R. Sneddon; H. Garelick; E. Valsami-Jones
In situ analysis of thioarsenite complexes 
in neutral to alkaline arsenic sulphide solutions 
B. C. Bostick; S. Fendorf; G. E. Brown Jr
Redox processes in a eutrophic coal-mine lake 
G. Roman-Ross; L. Charlet; D. Tisserand; M. Glemme
Arsenic hazard in shallow Cambodian groundwaters 
D. A. Polya; A. G. Gault; N. Diebe; 
P. Feldman; J. W. Rosenboom; E. Gilligan;
D. Fredericks; A. H. Milton; M. Sampson; 
H. A. L. Rowland; P. R. Lythgoe; J. C. Jones;
C. Middleton; D. A. Cooke

Preservation and XANES determination of 
the oxidation state of solid-phase arsenic
in shallow sedimentary aquifers in Bengal
and Cambodia 
H. A. L. Rowland; A. G. Gault; 
J. M. Charnock; D. A. Polya

Characterization of aquifers conducting
groundwaters with low and high arsenic 
concentrations: a comparative case study
from West Bengal, India 
B. Nath; Z. Berner; S. Basu Mallik; 
D. Chatterjee; L. Charlet; D. Stueben
Microcosm depth profiles of arsenic release
in a shallow aquifer, West Bengal 
A. G. Gault; F. S. Islam; D. A. Polya; 
J. M. Charnock; C. Boothman; D. Chatterjee; 
J. R. Lloyd
Potential role of the Fe(III)-reducing 
bacteria Geobacter and Geothrix in controlling
arsenic solubility in Bengal delta sediments 
F. S. Islam; C. Boothman; A. G. Gault; 
D. A. Polya; J. R. Lloyd
Hydrochemical associations and depth 
profiles of arsenic and fluoride in 
Quaternary loess aquifers of northern Argentina 
C. Warren; W. G. Burgess; M. G. Garcia
Preliminary observations on the release of 
arsenic to groundwater in the presence of 
hydrocarbon contaminants in UK aquifers 
W. G. Burgess; L. Pinto
Arsenic-bearing smectite from the geothermal environment 
C. Pascua; J. Charnock; D. A. Polya; 
T. Sato; S. Yokoyama; M. Minato