Mineralogical Magazine, 2003, V 67, N 5, October.

Intraplate alkaline magmatism: mineralogy and petrogenesis 
K. M. Goodenough; I. M. Coulson; F. Wall 

A geochemical and Sr-Nd-O isotopic study of the Proterozoic
Eriksfjord Basalts, Gardar Province, South Greenland: Reconstruction
of an OIB signature in crustally contaminated rift-related basalts
R. Halama; T. Wenzel; B. G. J. Upton; W. Siebel; G. Markl

Carbonatites and lamprophyres of the Gardar Province -
a 'window' to the sub-Gardar mantle?
I. M. Coulson; K. M. Goodenough; N. J. G. Pearce; M. J. Leng 

Evolution of the North Qoroq centre nepheline syenites, South Greenland:
alkali-mafic silicates and the role of metasomatism 
I. M. Coulson 

Ilimaussaq 'en miniature': closed-system fractionation in an agpaitic
dyke rock from the Gardar Province, South Greenland (contribution
to the mineralogy of Ilimaussaq no.117)  
M. Marks; G. Markl 

Trace-element content and partitioning in calcite, dolomite and apatite
in carbonatite, Phalaborwa, South Africa 921 
J. B. Dawson; R. W. Hinton 

Potassic glass and calcite carbonatite in lapilli from extrusive
carbonatites at Rangwa Caldera Complex, Kenya 
G. Rosatelli; F. Wall; M. J. le Bas 

Pb-bearing hollandite-type titanates: A first natural occurrence
and reconnaissance synthesis study  
E. P. Reguir; A. R. Chakhmouradian; R. H. Mitchell 

Using neutron diffraction measurements to characterize the
mechanical properties of polymineralic rocks 
P. F. Schofield; S. J. Covey-Crump; I. C. Stretton;
M. R. Daymond; K. S. Knight; R. F. Holloway 

Structural phase transitions and mixing behaviour of the Ba-aluminate
(BaAl2O4) - Sr-aluminate (SrAl2O4) solid solution  
U. Rodehorst; M. A. Carpenter; S. Marion; C. M. B. Henderson 

First occurrence of the rare 'corundum + quartz' assemblage in the high-grade
zone from the Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex, South Africa: 
evidence for higher-P, T metamorphism?  
H. Mouri; M. A. G. Andreoli; J. R. Kienast; M. Guiraud; S. A. de Waal 

Fahlore as a petrogenetic indicator: Keno Hill Ag-Pb-Zn District, Yukon, Canada 
R. O. Sack; J. V. G. Lynch; F. Foit Jr 

The Early Proterozoic carbonatite complex of Angico dos Dias, Bahia State,
Brazil: geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic evidence for an enriched mantle origin 
P. Antonini; P. Comin-Chiaramonti; C. B. Gomes; P. Censi; B. F. Riffel; E. Yamamoto 

Iron sulphides at the epithermal gold-copper deposit of Palai-Islica (Almeria, SE Spain)
F. J. Carrillo Rosua; S. Morales Ruano; P. Fenoll Hach-Ali 

Prismatine and ferrohogbomite-2N2S in granulite-facies Fe-oxide lenses in the
Eastern Ghats Belt at Venugopalapuram, Vizianagaram district, Andhra Pradesh,
India: do such lenses have a tourmaline-enriched lateritic precursor?  
E. S. Grew; A. T. Rao; K. K. V. S. Raju; C. Hejny; J. M. Moore; D. J. Waters;
M. G. Yates; C. K. Shearer 

Redefinition of arhbarite, Cu2Mg(AsO4)(OH)3 
W. Krause; H.-J. Bernhardt; H. Effenberger; U. Kolitsch; CH. Lengauer 

The structure of hugelite, an arsenate of the phosphuranylite group,
and its relationship to dumontite 
 A. J. Locock; P. C. Burns