Mineralogical Magazine, 1999, V 63, N 5 (420), October.

T. R. Riley, D. K. Bailey, R. E. Harmer, H. Liebsch F. E. Lloyd and M. R. Palmer: 
Isotopic and geochemical investigation of a
carbonatite-syenite-phonolite diatreme, West Eifel (Germany)

O. Vidal and L Durin: 
Aluminium mass transfer and diffusion in water at 400-550°C, 2 kbar 
in the K2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O system driven by a thermal gradient or 
by a variation of temperature with time

F. Bellatrecia, G. Della Ventura, E. Caprilli, C. T. Williams, and G. C. Parodi:
Crystal-chemistry of zirconolite and calzirtite
from Jacupiranga, São Paulo (Brazil)

P. Comodi, Y. Liu, F. Stoppa and A.R. Woolley : 
A multi-method analysis of Si-, S- and REE-rich apatite from a new find of
kalsilite-bearing leucitite (Abruzzi, Italy).

L. Pacaud, J. Ingrin and O. Jaoul:
High-temperature diffusion of oxygen in synthetic diopside measured 
by nuclear reaction analysis

S.C. Sherlock and A. I. Okay: 
Oscillatory zoned chrome lawsonite in the Tavsanli Zone, northwest Turkey

N. Niimi, N. Aikawa, and K. Shinoda: 
The IR absorption band at 3596 cm-1 of the recrystallized quartz from Mt.
Takamiyama, southwest Japan

A. G. Dessai and O. Vaselli: 
Petrology and geochemistry of xenoliths in lamprophyres from the Deccan Traps: 
implications for the nature of the deep crust boundary in western India 

S. Ghosal and R. O. Sack: 
Bi-Sb energetics in sulfosalts and sulfides

A. Pring, U. Kolitsch, W.D. Birch, B.D. Beyer, P. Elliot, P. Ayappan and A. Ramanan: 
Bariosincosite, a new hydrated barium vanadium phosphate, 
from the Spring Creek Mine, South Australia

P.K. Chattopadhyay: 
Zn-spinel in the metamorphosed Zn-Pb-Cu sulphide deposit at Mamandur, 
southern India

L.A.J. Garvie: 
Sideronatrite and metasideronatrite efflorescence formed in a coastal 
sea-spray environment

D. Atencio: 
`Coutinite', `coutinhite' and `neodymite' discredited as identical to 
lanthanite-(La) and/or lanthanite-(Nd)