Mineralogical Magazine, 2006, V 70, N 4, August.

From the Principal Editor 
Mark Welch

Compositional evolution and cryptic variation
in pyroxenes of the peralkaline 
Lovozero intrusion, Kola Peninsula, Russia 
L. N. Kogarko; C. T. Williams; A. R. Woolley

Species sensitivity of zeolite minerals 
for uptake of mercury solutes 
L. S. Campbell; A. Chimedtsogzol; A. Dyer

Orientation relationships of carlsbergite 
in schreibersite and kamacite in the 
north Chile iron meteorite 
G. Nolze; G. Wagner; R. Saliwan Neumann; 
R. Skala; V. Geist
Thermal expansion of highly silicic 
nepheline-kalsilite crystalline solutions 
G. L. Hovis; E. Person; A. Spooner; J. Roux
Kamphaugite-(Y) from La Cabrera massif, 
Spain: a low-temperature hydrothermal 
Y-REE carbonate 
J. Gonzalez del Tanago; 
A. La Iglesia; A. Delgado

Sazhinite-(La), Na3LaSi6O15(H2O)2, 
a new mineral from the Aris phonolite, 
Namibia: Description and crystal structure 
F. Camara; L. Ottolini; B. Devouard; 
L. A. J. Garvie; F. C. Hawthorne

REE zoning in allanite related to 
changing partition coefficients 
during crystallization: implications 
for REE behaviour in an 
epidote-bearing tonalite 
J. S. Beard; S. S. Sorensen; R. Giere

Mineralogy of stalactites formed by 
subaerial weathering of natrocarbonatite 
hornitos at Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania 
R. H. Mitchell

An investigation of extreme silver enrichment 
at tennantite surfaces exposed to 
alkaline solutions: an XPS-based study 
E. L. Hobson; P. Wincott; D. J. Vaughan; 
R. A. D. Pattrick

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