Mineralogical Magazine, 2003, V 67, N 4, August.

Kerry Anthony Rodgers: an appreciation i 
Jack A. Grant-Mackie; Murray R. Gregory 

Foreword iii 
Paul Hoskin 

Titanium coordination in silicate glasses investigated
using O K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy  
G. S. Henderson; Xiaoyang Liu; M. E. Fleet 

Blueschist and eclogite in tectonic melange,
Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia  
D. J. Och; E. C. Leitch; G. Caprarelli; T. Watanabe 

Zeolite crystal habits, compositions, and paragenesis;
Blackhead Quarry, Dunedin, New Zealand  
I. T. Graham; R. E. Pogson; D. M. Colchester; A. Baines

Rhonite paragenesis in pyroxenite xenoliths, Mount Sidley 
volcano, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica 
R. H. Grapes; R. J. Wysoczanski; P. W. O. Hoskin 

Pyrometamorphic breakdown of cordierite - muscovite intergrowths 
R. H. Grapes 

Kinetic parameters associated with self-heating of New Zealand
coals under adiabatic conditions 
B. B. Beamish; J. D. St. George; M. A. Barakat 

Geochemistry of a high-T hydrothermal dolostone from the Emirli
(Odemis, western Turkey) Sb-Au deposit 
M. Akcay; H. M. Ozkan; B. Spiro; R. Wilson; P. W. O. Hoskin 

Ion exchange between aqueous fluid and spent nuclear fuel
alteration products: Implications for the mobility of Cs
in the probable repository at Yucca Mountain  
P. W. O. Hoskin; P. C. Burns 

Water solubility and diffusivity in olivine: its role 
in planetary tectonics  
K. Regenauer-Lieb; T. Kohl 

Al-rich diopside in alluvial ruby and corundum-bearing
xenoliths, Australian and SE Asian basalt fields  
F. L. Sutherland; R. R. Coenraads; D. Schwarz;
L. R. Raynor; B. J. Barron; G. B. Webb 

Hydroxylian pseudorutile derived from picroilmenite
in the Murray Basin, southeastern Australia 
I. E. Grey 

Evolutionary stages of crystallization of weakly peralkaline
syenites: evidence from ejecta in the plinian deposits
of Agua de Pau volcano (Sao Miguel, Azores Islands) 
F. Ridolfi; A. Renzulli; P. Santi; B. G. J. Upton 

Fluoronyboite from Jianchang (Su-Lu, China) and nyboite from Nybo
(Nordfjord, Norway): a petrological and crystal-chemical
comparison of these two high-pressure amphiboles  
R. Oberti; M. Boiocchi; D. C. Smith 

Nickelphosphide from the Vicenice octahedrite: Rietveld crystal
structure refinement of a synthetic analogue  
R. Skala; M. Drabek 

On the significance of small deviations from higher symmetry  
W. H. Baur; R. X. Fischer 

Textural and spectroscopic studies on hydrothermal dumortierite
from an Al-rich clay deposit, southeastern Korea 
C. O. Choo; Y. Kim 

Geochemistry of biotite in metabentonites as an age discriminant,
indicator of regional magma sources and potential correlating tool 
R. A. Batchelor 

2002 Mineralogical Society Schlumberger Medal 
Book Reviews