Mineralogical Magazine, 1999, V 63, N 4 (419), August.

R.M. Davies, S.Y. O'Reilly and W.L. Griffin: 
Diamonds from Wellington, NSW: insights into the origin of eastern Australian

M.J. Genge and M.M. Grady: 
Unequilibriated assemblages of sulphide, metal and oxide in the 
fusion crusts of the enstatite  chondrite meteorites

S.Y. Faryad and G. Hoinkes: 
Two contrasting mineral assemblages in the Meliata Blueschists, 
Western Carpathians, Slovakia

P. Mitropoulos, A. Katerinopoulos, and A. Kokkinakis: 
Occurrence of primary almandine-spessartine-rich garnet and
zinnwaldite phenocrysts in a Neogene rhyolite on the island of Chios, 
Aegean Sea, Greece

P.W.U. Appel and M.F. Brigatti: 
Ludwigite from central Sweden: new data and crystal structure refinement

A.R. Chakhmouradian, R.H. Mitchell, A.V. Pankov and N.V. Chukanov: 
Loparite and `metaloparite' from the Burpala alkaline
complex, Baikal Alkaline Province (Russia)

Roda Robles, A. Pesquera Perez and F. Velasco Roldan: 
The granitic pegmatites of the Fregeneda area (Salamanca, Spain):
characteristics and petrogenesis

K.E.R. England, J.M. Charnock, R.A.D. Pattrick and D.J. Vaughan: 
Surface oxidation studies of chalcopyrite and pyrite by
glancing-angle X-ray absorption spectroscopy (REFLEXAFS)

M. Nasraoui, E. Bilal and R. Gibert: 
Fresh and weathered pyrochlore studies by Fourier transform infrared 
spectroscopy coupled with thermal analysis

Xiaochyn Liu, Shuwen Dong, Huaimin Xue and Jianxiong Zhou: 
Significance of allanite-(Ce) in granitic gneisses from the
ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic terrane, Dabie Shan, central China

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