Mineralogical Magazine, 2006, V 70, N 3, June.

The extension of the western limb, Bushveld Complex 
(South Africa), at Cullinan Diamond Mine 
R. G. Cawthorn; N. McKenna

Characteristics of halloysite associated with 
rectorite from Hubei, China 
H.-L. Hong; J.-X. Mi

The missing sulphur in mattheddleite, sulphur 
analysis of sulphates, and paragenetic 
relations at Leadhills, Scotland 
E. J. Essene; C. E. Henderson; A. Livingstone 

The origin of the hydrous scandium phosphate, 
kolbeckite, from the Hagendorf-Pleystein 
pegmatite province, Germany 
H. G. Dill; B. Weber; M. Fussl; F. Melcher

Characterization of fluoro-edenite by m-Raman and 
m-FTIR spectroscopy 
C. Rinaudo; S. Cairo; D. Gastaldi; A. Gianfagna; 
S. Mazziotti Tagliani; G. Tosi; C. Conti

An XRD, SEM and TG study of a uranopilite from Australia 
R. L. Frost; M. L. Weier; G. A. Ayoko; W. Martens; J. Cejka

On the thermo-elastic behaviour of kyanite: 
a neutron powder diffraction study up to 1200C 
G. D. Gatta; F. Nestola; J. M. Walter 

Structural changes induced by cation ordering 
in ferrotapiolite 
M. Zema; S. C. Tarantino; A. Giorgiani 

Kapellasite, Cu3Zn(OH)6Cl2, a new mineral from 
Lavrion, Greece, and its crystal structure 
W. Krause; H.-J. Bernhardt; R. S. W. Braithwaite; 
U. Kolitsch; R. Pritchard 

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