Mineralogical Magazine, 2004, V 68, N 3, Jun.

Kaolin polytype evidence for a hot-fluid pulse along
Caledonian thrusts during rifting of the European Margin
 J. Parnell; G. Watt; H. Chen; H. Wycherley; A. Boyce; 
 D. Elmore; R. Blumstein; M. Engel; P. Green 
High-pressure Raman spectroscopic studies of FeS2 pyrite 
 A.K. Kleppe; A.P. Jephcoat 

Garnet exsolution in garnet clinopyroxenite and 
clinopyroxenite xenoliths in early Cretaceous
intrusions from the Xuzhou region, eastern China 
W. Xu; X. Liu; Q. Wang; J. Lin; D. Wang 

Assessment of the use of Raman spectroscopy
for the determination of amphibole asbestos  
C. Rinaudo; E. Belluso; D. Gastaldi 

Systematic mineralogy and chemistry of gold-silver
vein deposits in the Taebaeksan district, Korea:
Distal relatives of a porphyry system 
S.J. Pak; S.-G. Choi; S.-H. Choi

Thorium in crandallite-group minerals: an example
from a Devonian bauxite deposit, Timan, Russia  
L.E. Mordberg 

Hauyne: phase transition and high-temperature
structures obtained from synchrotron radiation
and Rietveld refinements  
I. Hassan; S.M. Antao; J.B. Parise 

The entropy of zinc chromite (ZnCr2O4 ) 
S. Klemme; J.C. van Miltenburg 

Elfstorpite synonymy with allactite; mineral
and name discredited  
F. Fontan; D. Holtstam; P. de Parseval;
F. Permingeat; B. Mason 

Herbertsmithite, Cu3Zn(OH)6Cl2, a new species,
and the definition of paratacamite  
R.S.W. Braithwaite; K. Mereiter; W.H. Paar; A.M. Clark