Mineralogical Magazine, 2003, V 67, N 3, Jun.

TheTuriy Massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia: mineral chemistry
of an ultramafic-alkaline-carbonatite intrusion  
E. A. Dunworth; K. Bell 

A two-stage process of native palladium formation at low
temperatures: evidence from a palladian gold nugget
(Gongo Soco iron ore mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil)  
A. Raphael Cabral; B. Lehmann 

Ca-W metasomatism in high-grade matapelites: an example
from scheelite mineralization in Kerala Khondalite Belt,
southern India  
K. P. Shabeer; T. Okudaira; M. Satish-Kumar;
S. S. Binu-Lal; Y. Hayasaka 

Low-temperature hydrothermal alteration of natural
metamict zircons from the Eastern Desert, Egypt  
T. Geisler; A. A. Rashwan; M. K. W. Rahn; U. Poller;
H. Zwingmann; R. T. Pidgeon; H. Schleicher; F. Tomaschek 

Hydroxylian pseudorutile in an adamellite from the
Nkambe area, Cameroon  
S. Tetsopgang; J. Koyanagi; M. Enami; K. Kihara 

Chromian tourmaline and associated Cr-bearing minerals
from the Nevado-Filabride Complex
(Betic Cordilleras, SE Spain) 
J. Torres-Ruiz; A. Pesquera; V. Lopez Sanchez-Vizcaino 

Thermal expansion of nepheline - kalsilite
crystalline solutions  
G. L. Hovis; J. Crelling; D. Wattles;
B. Dreibelbis; A. Dennison; M. Keohane; S. Brennan 

The influence of next nearest neighbours on cation
radii in spinels: the example of the Co3O4-CoCr2O4
solid solution 
H. St. C. O'Neill 

Hydrogen bonding in ikaite, CaCO3.6H2O 
I. P. Swainson; R. P. Hammond 

Opal-A and associated microbes from Wairakei,
New Zealand: the first 300 days 
B. Y. Smith; S. J. Turner; K. A. Rodgers 

Preparation of TEM samples by focused ion beam
(FIB) techniques: applications to the study
of clays and phyllosilicates in meteorites  
M. R. Lee; P. A. Bland; G. Graham