Mineralogical Magazine, 2001, V 65, N 3, June.

A view of reactions at mineral surfaces from the aqueous phase
W. H. Casey

Infrared powder-absorption spectroscopy of Ca-free P21/c clinopyroxenes
T. Boffa Ballaran; M. A. Carpenter; N. L. Ross

Paragenesis of Cu-Fe ores from Ocna de Fier-Dognecea (Romania), typifying
fluid plume mineralization in a proximal skarn setting
N. J. Cook; C. L. Ciobanu

Fe-Cu-Au-bearing scapolite skarn in moat sediments of the Taum Sauk Caldera, 
southeastern Missouri, USA
G. R. Lowell; P. D. Noll Jr

Iron-rich and iron-poor prehnites from the Way Linggo epithermal Au-Ag deposit, 
southwest Sumatra, and the Heber geothermal field, California
R. S. Wheeler; P. R. L. Browne; K. A. Rodgers

Aluminium in quartz as an indicator of the temperature of formation of agate
J. Götze; M. Plötze; M. Tichomirowa; H. Fuchs; J.Pilot
Weathering of granodiorite and micaschists, and soil  pollution at Mt. Mottarone 
(northern Italy)
E. Salvioli-Mariani; L. Toscani; G. Venturelli

Woodallite, a new chromium analogue of iowaite from  
the Mount Keith nickel deposit, Western Australia
B. A. Grguric; I. C. Madsen; A. Pring

Nb-rich brookite from Gross Brukkaros, Namibia: substitution mechanisms and 
Fe2+/Fe3+ ratios
M. Werner; N. J. Cook

The crystal structure of brunogeierite, Fe2GeO4 spinel
M. D. Welch; M. A. Cooper; F. C. Hawthorne

On the origin of anomalous birefringence in grandite garnets
A. G. Shtukenberg; Yu. O. Punin; O. V. Frank-Kamenetskaya; O. G. Kovalev;
P. B. Sokolov
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