Mineralogical Magazine, 2000, V 64, N 3, JUN.

Structure and dynamics of silicate glasses and melts  
I. Farnan; M. T. Dove

Amorphous silica from the Rigid Unit Mode approach 
M. T. Dove; M. C. Warren; K. D. Hammonds; M. J. Harris; V. Heine;
D. A. Keen; A. K. A. Pryde; K. Trachenko; M. C. Warren

The dissolution mechanisms of water in silicate melts; a synthesis of
recent data
S. C. Kohn

Cationic ordering in oxide glasses: the example of transition elements  
L. Galoisy; L. Cormier; S. Rossano; A. Ramos; G. Calas; P. Gaskell;
M. Le Grand

Relationships between the medium-range structure of glasses and
P. H. Gaskell

Floppy modes and the Boson peak in crystalline and amorphous
silicates: an inelastic neutron scattering study
M. J. Harris; M. T. Dove; J. M. Parker

Structure and ionic transport in disordered silicates 
G. N. Greaves

Total scattering studies of silica polymorphs: similarities in glass 
and disordered crystalline local structure
D. A. Keen; M. T. Dove

The occurrence of Zr-bearing amphiboles and their relationships with 
the pyroxenes and biotites in the teschenite and nepheline syenites of
a differentiated dolerite boss, Islay, NW Scotland

R. J. Preston; M. J. Hole; J. Still
Clinoferrosilite-bearing kelyphite: a breakdown product of xenolithic
garnet, Delegate breccia pipes, New South Wales, Australia
W. Keankeo; W. R. Taylor; J. D. Fitzgerald

Glass-bearing felsic nodules from the crystallizing sidewalls of the 
1944 Vesuvius magma chamber
P. Fulignati; P. Marianelli; A. Sbrana

Correlation between reduciblity and composition of natural wolframite
in Argentinian ore deposits
I. L. Botto; V. L. Barone; M. A. Sanchez; I. B. Schalamuk

Chemistry of the Ta-Nb-Sn-W oxide minerals from the Yichun rare metal
granite (SE China): genetic implications and comparison with Moroccan
and French Hercynian examples
M. Belkasmi; M. Cuney; P. J. Pollard; A. Bastoul

The mafic mineralogy of the Pandé massif, Tikar plain, Cameroon: 
implications for a peralkaline affinity and emplacement from highly
evolved alkaline magma
E. Njonfang; C. Moreau

Late-orogenic alpine-type (apatite)-quartz fissure vein mineralization  
in the Rheinisches Schiefergebirge, NW Germany: mineralogy, formation
conditions and lateral-secretionary origin
T. Wagner; N. J. Cook

Equation of state of phase E  
W. A. Crichton; N. L. Ross

Crystal structure of the high-pressure monoclinic phase-II of  
cristobalite, SiO2
M. T. Dove; M. S. Craig; D. A. Keen; W. G. Marshall; S. A. T.
Redfern; K. O. Trachenko

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