Mineralogical Magazine, 1999, V 63, N 3, Jun.

ISSN 0026-461X
  Geological age by instrumental analysis: the 29th Hallimond Lecture.
  Compston W.
  pp 297-311
  Subsolidus rubidium-dominant feldspar from the Morrua pegmatite,
  Mozambique: paragenesis and composition. 
  Teertstra DK; Cerny P; Hawthorne FC.
  pp 313-320
  Silvialite, a new sulfate-dominant member of the scapolite group with an
  Al-Si composition near the 14/m-P4(2)/n phase transition. 
  Teertstra DK; Schindler M; Sherriff BL; Hawthorne FC.
  pp 321-329
  Concentric zoning patterns in crystallizing (Cd,Ca)CO3 solid solutions
  from aqueous solutions. 
  Fernandez-Gonzalez A; Prieto M; Putnis A; Lopez-Andres S.
  pp 331-343
  Palladium oxides in ultramafic complexes near Lavatrafo, Western
  Andriamena, Madagascar. 
  McDonald I; Ohnenstetter D; Ohnenstetter M; Vaughan DJ.
  pp 345-352
  A cobaltite-framboidal pyrite association from the Kupferschiefer:
  possible implications for trace element behaviour during the earliest
  stages of diagenesis. 
  Large DJ; Sawlowicz Z; Spratt J.
  pp 353-361
  Raman spectra of synthetic 'braggite', (Pd,Pt,Ni)S. 
  Merkle RKW; Pikl R; Verryn SMC; De Waal D.
  pp 363-367
  Potarite (Pd-Hg) in thermally metamorphosed dunite from the Inazumi-yama
  ultramafic complex, southwestern Japan: an implication for the behaviour
  of mercury in PGE mineralization in peridotite. 
  Arai S; Prichard HM; Matsumoto I; Fisher PC.
  pp 369-377
  The phase system Fe-Ir-S at 1100, 1000 and 800 degrees C. 
  Makovicky E; Karup-Moller S.
  pp 379-385
  Scapolite pegmatite from the Minas fault, Nova Scotia: tangible
  manifestation of Carboniferous, evaporite-derived hydrothermal fluids in
  the western Cobequid highlands?. 
  Owen JV; Greenough JD.
  pp 387-397
  Ag-Cu exchange equilibria between alpha-miargyrite, chalcostibite,
  pyrargyrite, and high-skinnerite: constraints on Ag-Cu mixing in
  alpha-miargyrite and chalcostibite. 
  Harlov DE.
  pp 399-411
  The nature and significance of sulphate-rich, aluminous efflorescences
  from the Te Kopia geothermal field, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand.
  Martin R; Rodgers KA; Browne PRL.
  pp 413-419
  Empirical calibration of the sulphur valence oxygen barometer from natural
  and experimental glasses: method and applications. 
  Matthews SJ; Moncrieff DHS; Carroll MR.
  pp 421-431
  Keith G. Cox 1933-1998 - Obituary (Reprinted from Independent, September,
  1998). [Reprint]
  Bell D.
  pp 439-440
  Extreme closed system fractionation of volatile-rich, ultrabasic
  peralkaline melt inclusions and the occurrence of djerfisherite in the
  Kugda alkaline complex, Siberia. [Letter] 
  Henderson CMB; Kogarko LN; Plant DA.
  pp 433-438