Mineralogical Magazine, 2003, V 67, N 2, April.

'Mineral particles and the environment:' introduction
B. Williamson; J. Entwistle; K. Hudson-Edwards 

What effects do mineral particles have in the lung? 
R. Richards 

Toxicity of airborne dust generated by opencast coal mining 
L. Reynolds; T. P. Jones; K. A. Berube; H. Wise; R. Richards 

Primary blasting in a limestone quarry: physicochemical 
characterization of the dust clouds  
T. Jones; A. Morgan; R. Richards 

Airborne particulate matter (PM10) in the china clay area, 
Cornwall, UK
B. Parsons; L. Salter; T. Coe; R. Mathias; R. J. Richards; T. P. Jones 

Mineral dust in urban air: Beijing, China 
A. G. Whittaker; T. P. Jones; L. Shao; Z. Shi; 
K. A. Berube; R. J. Richards 

Identification and characterization of radioactive 'hot' particles
in Chernobyl fallout-contaminated soils: the application
of two novel approaches 
J. A. Entwistle; A. G. Flowers; G. Nageldinger; J. C. Greenwood 

Sources, mineralogy, chemistry and fate of heavy metal-bearing
particles in mining-affected river systems 
K. A. Hudson-Edwards 

Evaluation of computer-controlled SEM in the study
of metal-contaminated soils 
H. W. Langmi1; J. Watt 

'Metals in the weathering environment:' introduction 
C. M. Rice; R. J. Herrington 

The aqueous geochemistry of metals in the weathering environment:
strengths and weaknesses in our understanding of speciation and process
C. D. Curtis 

IC-ICP-MS and IC-ICP-HEX-MS determination of arsenic speciation
in surface and groundwaters: preservation and analytical issues  
D. A. Polya; P. R. Lythgoe; F. Abou-Shakra; A. G. Gault; J. R. Brydie;
J. G. Webster; K. L. Brown; M. K. Nimfopoulos; K. M. Michailidis 

Fe-sulphate-rich evaporative mineral precipitates from the
Rio Tinto, southwest Spain 
T. Buckby; S. Black; M. L. Coleman; M. E. Hodson 

A preliminary investigation into mining and smelting impacts on
trace element concentrations in the soils and vegetation
around Tharsis, SW Spain 
E. I. B. Chopin; S. Black; M. E. Hodson; 
M. L. Coleman; B. J. Alloway 

Metal dispersion in sediments and waters of the River
Conwy draining the Llanrwst Mining Field, North Wales  
J. R. Brydie; D. A. Polya 

Replacement and authigenic mineralogy of metal contaminants
in stream and estuarine sediments at Newtownards, Northern Ireland  
N. R. Moles; S. M. Betz; A. J. McCready; P. J. Murphy 

Mineralogical controls on metal distribution in stream sediment
derived from the Caledonides of the Scottish Southern
Uplands and English Lake District 
P. Stone; N. Breward; R. J. Merriman 

Mineralogical and S isotopic features of the supergene profile
of the Zapadno-Ozernoe massive sulphide and Au-bearing
gossan deposit, South Urals
E. V. Belogub; C. A. Novoselov; B. Spiro; B. A. Yakovleva 

Supergene iron sulpho-selenides from the Zapadno-Ozernoe
copper-zinc massive sulphide deposit, South Urals, Russia:
a new solid-solution series between pyrite FeS2 and dzharkenite FeSe2
V. A. Yakovleva; E. V. Belogub; K. A. Novoselov 

A model for the origin of Al-rich efflorescences near fumaroles,
Melos, Greece: enhanced weathering in a geothermal setting 
A. J. Hall; A. E. Fallick; V. Perdikatsis; E. Photos-Jones 

Mineralogical, numerical and analytical studies of the coupled
oxidation of pyrite and coal 
K. A. Evans; C. J. Gandy; S. A. Banwart 

The kinetics of O2(aq) reduction during oxidative weathering
of naturally occurring fracture minerals in groundwater 
J. Rivas-Perez; E.-L. Tullborg; S. A. Banwart 

Clifford Frondel 1907-2002 
C. A. Francis 

Book Reviews 
 R.A.D. Pattrick