Mineralogical Magazine, 2000, V 64, N 2, Apr.

Mineral transformations 
S. A. T. Redfern

Pressure-induced transformations in deep mantle and core minerals  
R. J. Hemley; H. K. Mao; S. A. Gramsch

A comparison of radiation effects in crystalline ABO4-type phosphates
and silicates
A. Meldrum; L. A. Boatner; R. C. Ewing

Twin memory and twin amnesia in anorthoclase
S. A. Hayward; E. K. H. Salje

Twin walls and hierarchical mesoscopic structures
E. K. H. Salje; U. Bismayer; S. A. Hayward; J. Novak

A revised phase diagram for the bornite-digenite join 
from in situ neutron diffraction and DSC experiments
B. A. Grguric; R. J. Harrison; A. Putnis

Ferroelastic orientation states and domain walls in lead 
phosphate type crystals
U. Bismayer; D. Mathes; D. Bosbach; A. Putnis; G. Van Tendeloo; 
J. Novak; E. K. H. Salje

Pressure buffering in a diamond anvil cell
T. Arlt; R. J. Angel

ATEM investigation of experimentally annealed sillimanite: new
constraints for the SiO2-Al2O3 join
P. Raterron; M. Carpenter; J.-C. Doukhan

Mn-Mg disordering in cummingtonite: a high-temperature 
neutron powder diffraction study
J. J. Reece; S. A. T. Redfern; M. D. Welch; C. M. B. Henderson

Phase transitions in tridymite studied using "Rigid Unit Mode" theory, 
Reverse Monte Carlo methods and molecular dynamics simulations
M. T. Dove; A. K. A. Pryde; D. A. Keen

I1 - I2/c ferroelastic phase transition in the Ca0.2Pb0.8Al2Si2O8 
feldspar as a function of temperature
P. Benna; M. Tribaudino; E. Bruno

A high temperature structural phase transition in crocoite (PbCrO4) at  
1068 K: crystal structure refinement at 1073 K and thermal expansion
tensor determination at 1000 K
K. S. Knight

Raman study of high-pressure phase transitions in dehydrated analcime
Yu. M. Miroshnichenko; S. V. Goryainov

Disordering of MgAl2O4 spinel from first principles 
M. C. Warren; M. T. Dove; S. A. T. Redfern

Nano-scale microstructure of Fe3+-, OH--bearing crystalline inclusions  
in experimentally oxidized olivine from a mantle nodule
N. R. Khisina; K. Langer; M. Andrut; A. V. Ukhanov; R. Wirth

Influence of counterion species on the dehydroxylation of Ca2+-,
Mg2+-, Na+- and K+-exchanged Wyoming montmorillonite
H. J. Bray; S. A. T. Redfern

Chemical zoning of muscovite from the Ervedosa granite, northern
M. E. P. Gomes; A. M. R. Neiva

1999 Mineralogical Society - Schlumberger Medal

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