Mineralogical Magazine, 1999, V 63, N 2, Apr.

ISSN 0026-461X
  Luminescence phenomena in minerals: Thematic set. [Editorial Material]
  Finch A.
  pp 147
  Defect structure and luminescence behaviour of agate - results of electron
  paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and cathodoluminescence (CL) studies.
  Gotze J; Plotze M; Fuchs H; Habermann D.
  pp 149-+
  Magmatic and metasomatic processes during formation of the Nb-Zr-REE
  deposits Khaldzan Buregte and Tsakhir (Mongolian Altai): Indications from
  a combined CL-SEM study. 
  Kempe U; Gotze J; Dandar S; Habermann D.
  pp 165-+
  High-resolution cathodoluminescence combined with SHRIMP ion probe
  measurements of detrital zircons. 
  Gotze J; Kempe U; Habermann D; Nasdala L; Neuser RD; Richter DK.
  pp 179-+
  Petrogenesis of plagioclase phenocrysts of Mount Etna, Sicily, with
  particular reference to the 1983 eruption: contribution from
  cathodoluminescence petrography. 
  Stirling D; Duncan AM; Guest JE; Finch AA.
  pp 189-+
  Laser-induced time-resolved luminescence of rare-earth elements in
  Gaft M; Panczer G; Uspensky E; Reisfeld R.
  pp 199-210
  Recent examples of cathodoluminescence as a probe of surface structure and
  Townsend PD; Karali T; Rowlands AP; Smith VA; Vazquez G.
  pp 211-226
  Asymmetric zoning profiles in garnet from HP-HT granulite and implications
  for volume and grain-boundary diffusion. 
  O'Brien PJ.
  pp 227-238
  The chemical composition of uraninite in Variscan granites of the
  Erzgebirge, Germany. 
  Forster HJ.
  pp 239-252
  Goldmanite from the black slates of the Ogcheon belt, Korea. [Abstract
  Jeong GY; Kim YH.
  pp 253-256
  Crystal chemistry and significance of cation ordering in Mg-Al rich
  spinels from high-grade hornfels (Predazzo-Monzoni, NE Italy). 
  Princivalle F; Della Giusta A; De Min A; Piccirillo EM.
  pp 257-262
  'Face-to-face' relationships between oxocentred tetrahedra and
  cation-centred tetrahedral oxyanions in crystal structures of minerals and
  inorganic compounds. 
  Krivovichev SV; Starova GL; Filatov SK.
  pp 263-266
  Nomenclature of the micas. 
  Rieder M; Cavazzini G; D'Yakonov YS; Frank-Kamenetskii VA; Gottardi G;
  Guggenheim S; Koval PV; Muller G; Neiva AMR; Radoslovich EW; Robert JL;
  Sassi FP; Takeda H; Weiss Z; Wones DR.
  pp 267-279
  Prof. Ansel C. Dunham, 1938-1998 - Obituary. [Item about an Individual]
  Scott PW.
  pp 287-288
  Prof. Alan D. Edgar, 1935-1998. [Item about an Individual]
  Lloyd FE.
  pp 288-289
  Prof. G. Tunell (1900-1996). [Item about an Individual]
  Newton RC.
  pp 289-290