Mineralogical Magazine, 2006, V 70, N 1.

Phosphate stabilization of 
polyminerallic mine wastes 
D. L. Harris; B. G. Lottermoser

Petrology of forearc peridotite 
from the Hahajima Seamount, the 
Izu-Bonin arc, with special reference
to chemical characteristics of 
chromian spinel 
H. Okamura; S. Arai; Y.-U. Kim
Petrogenesis of anorogenic peralkaline
granitic complexes from eastern Egypt 
A. M. Abdel-Rahman
Detrital chrome-spinel grains in 
heavy-mineral sand deposits 
from southeast Africa 
M. Pownceby; P. Bourne
Long-range Al,Si equilibrium 
configuration in Sr feldspar 
treated at high temperatures 
P. Benna; E. Bruno

Crystal symmetry and chemical 
composition of yukonite: TEM 
study of specimens collected 
from Nalychevskie hot springs, 
Kamchatka, Russia and from 
Venus Mine, Yukon Territory, Canada 
O. Nishikawa; V. Okrugin; N. Belkova; 
I. Saji; K. Shiraki; K. Tazaki

Platinum-group mineral assemblages
in the Platreef at the Sandsloot Mine, 
northern Bushveld Complex, South Africa 
D. A. Holwell; I. McDonald; P. E. B. Armitage
Sylvite and fluorite microcrysts, and
fluorite-nyerereite intergrowths from 
natrocarbonatite, Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania 
R. H. Mitchell
Crystal structure of a synthetic aluminoan 
tantalian titanite: a reconnaissance study 
R. P. Liferovich; R. H. Mitchell
Kalungaite, PdAsSe, a new platinum-group
mineral from the Buraco do Ouro gold mine, 
Cavalcante, Goias State, Brazil 
N. F. Botelho; M. A. Moura; 
R. C. Peterson; C. J. Stanley; D. V. G. Silva

Paratooite-(La), a new lanthanum-dominant 
rare-earth copper carbonate from Paratoo, 
South Australia 
A. Pring; K. Wallwork; J. Brugger; U. Kolitsch
Dr Neville Bradshaw (1937-2005) 
P. M. Fozzard