Mineralogical Magazine, 2005, V 69, N 1.

Computational investigation of Al/Si and Al/Mg
ordering in aluminous tremolite amphiboles 
E. J. Palin; M. T. Dove; M. D. Welch; S. A. T. Redfern 

Basalt petrology, zircon ages and sapphire genesis
from Dak Nong, southern Vietnam 
V. Garnier; D. Ohnenstetter; G. Giuliani; A. E. Fallick; 
T. Phan Trong; V. Hong-Quang; L. Pham Van; D. Schwarz

Occurrence and chemical composition of barian feldspars
in a jadeitite from the Itoigawa-Ohmi district 
in the Renge high-P/T-type metamorphic belt, Japan 
T. Morishita 

Whole-rock and mineral chemistry of cumulates from
the Kizilda (Hatay) ophiolite (Turkey): clues for 
multiple magma generation during crustal accretion
in the southern Neotethyan ocean 
U. Bagci; O. Parlak; V. Hock 

Re-investigation of the crystal structure of 
whewellite [Ca(C2 O4 )H2O] and the dehydration
mechanism of caoxite [Ca(C2O4 )3H2O] 
T. Echigo; M. Kimata; A. Kyono; M. Shimizu; T. Hatta 

Naldrettite, Pd2 Sb, a new intermetallic mineral from
the Mesamax Northwest deposit, Ungava region, 
Quebec, Canada 
L. J. Cabri; A. M. McDonald; C. J. Stanley; 
N. S. Rudashevsky; G. Poirier; B. R. Durham; 
J. E. Mungall; V. N. Rudashevsky
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