Mineralogical Magazine, 2004, V 68, N 1, Feb.

Optimization of some key geothermobarometers
for pelitic metamorphic rocks  
M. J. Holdaway 

Mineralogical controls on arsenic mobility in 
the Baccu Locci stream catchment (Sardinia, Italy) 
affected by past mining 
F. Frau; C. Ardau 

Arsenopyrite and As-bearing pyrite from the
Roudny deposit, Bohemian Massif 
J. Zacharia; J. Fryda; B. Paterova; M. Mihaljevi 

The respiratory toxicity of airborne volcanic ash from
the Soufriere Hills volcano, Montserrat  
K. A. Berube; T. P. Jones; D. G. Housley; R. J. Richards 

Carbonatitic melts in cuboid diamonds from Udachnaya
kimberlite pipe (Yakutia): evidence from vibrational
D. A. Zedgenizov; H. Kagi; V. S. Shatsky; N. V. Sobolev 

Iron and water losses from hydrous basalts contained
in Au80Pd20 capsules at high pressure and temperature  
L. J. Hall; J. Brodie; B. J. Wood; M. R. Carroll 

Magmatic evolution of the Gaussberg lamproite (Antarctica):
volatile content and glass composition 
E. Salvioli-Mariani; L. Toscani; D. Bersani 

Thermodynamics of mixing and ordering in 
pyrope-grossular solid solution 
V. L. Vinograd; M. H. F. Sluiter; B. Winkler; A. Putnis; 
U. Halenius; J. D. Gale; U. Becker 

Heat capacity of lazulite, MgAl2(PO4)2(OH)2, from 35 
to 298 K and a (S-V) value for P2O5 to estimate
phosphate entropy  
F. Brunet; D. Morineau; P. Schmid-Beurmann 

The structure and thermal expansion behaviour of ikaite, 
CaCO36H2O, from T = 114 to T = 293 K 
A. R. Lennie; C. C. Tang; S. P. Thompson 

The crystal structures of kidwellite and 'laubmannite,' 
two complex fibrous iron phosphates 
U. Kolitsch 

New insight into the crystal structure of orthorhombic
edingtonite: evidence for a split Ba site 
G. D. Gatta; T. Boffa Ballaran 

Characterization of ammonioleucite (NH4)[AlSi2O6] 
and ND4-ammonioleucite (ND4)[AlSi2O6] using IR 
spectroscopy and Rietveld refinement of XRD spectra  
M. Andrut; D. E. Harlov; J. Najorka 

Cinnabar, livingstonite, stibnite and pyrite in Pliocene
silica sinter from Northland, New Zealand 
W. A. Hampton; G. P. White; P. W. O. Hoskin; 
P. R. L. Browne; K. A. Rodgers 

Quantitative high-resolution cathodoluminescence
spectroscopy of smithsonite 
T. Gotte; D. K. Richter 

Nomenclature of amphiboles: additions and revisions
to the International Mineralogical Association's 
amphibole nomenclature  
B. E. Leake; A. R. Woolley; W. D. Birch; E. A. J. Burke; 
G. Ferraris; J. D. Grice; F. C. Hawthorne; H. J. Kisch; 
V. G. Krivovichev; J. C. Schumacher;
N. C. N. Stephenson; E. J. W. Whittaker 

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