Mineralogical Magazine, 2000, V 64, N 1.

Epitaxial growth of zeolite X on zeolite A and twinning in 
zeolite A: structural and topological analysis
F. Porcher, Y. Dusausoy, M. Souhassou, C. Lecomte

 Thallium cations in the analcime framework 
A. Dyer

Further study of the cation ordering in phengite
3T by neutron powder diffraction 
A. Pavese, G. Ferraris, V. Pischedda, P. Radaelli

Cation partitioning in an unusual strontian
potassicrichterite from Siberia: Rietveld structure 
refinement and Mössbauer spectroscopy 
E.V. Sokolova, Yu.K.Kabalov, C. McCammon, J.Schneider, A.A. Konev

Arizona porphyry copper/hydrothermal deposits I.
The structure of chenevixite and luetheite 
P.C. Burns, J.V. Smith, I.M. Steele

The distribution and recovery of gold in the
 Golden Sunlight gold-silver telluride deposit, 
Montana, U.S.A. P.G. Spry, S.E. Thieben

Interpretations of SHRIMP and isotope dilution
zircon ages for the geological time-scale: 
1. The  early Ordovician and late Cambrian. 
W. Compston

SIMS stable isotope measurement: counting
statistics and analytical precision 59360k 
I.C.W. Fitzsimons, B. Harte, R.M. Clark

Mineral/melt partition coefficients of oceanic
alkali basalts determined on natural samples
using laser ablation-inductively coupled 
plasma-mass spectrometry (LAM-ICP-MS)

G.M. Thompson, J. Malpas
Middle Jurassic ultramafic lamprophyre dyke
within the Ferrar magmatic province, Pensacola
 Mountains, Antarctica 
P.T. Leat, T.R. Riley, B.C. Storey, S.P. Kelley,
I.L. Millar

Plagioclase-rich microgranular inclusions from
the late-Caledonian Galway Granite, Connemara, Ireland
N.T. Graham, M. Feely, B. Callaghan

Gahnite in the ~3.75 Ga Isua Greens tone Belt,
West Greenland 
P.W.U. Appel

The steam condensate alteration mineralogy of
Ruatapu cave, Orakei Korako geothermal field, Taupo Volcanic Zone, 
New Zealand 
K.A. Rodgers, K.A. Hamlin, P.R.L. Browne, K.A.Campbell, R. Martin

 Synthesis of troilite by the arc-discharge method 
Chen Daizhang, Yang Xiang