Mineralogical Magazine, 1999, V 63, N 1, Feb.

Rapid exsolution behaviour in the bornite-digenite series, and
implications for natural ore assemblages. 
Grguric BA; Putnis A.
pp 1-12
Wooldridgeite, Na2CaCu22+(P2O7)(2)(H2O)(10): A new mineral from Judkins
quarry, Warwickshire, England. 
Hawthorne FC; Cooper MA; Green DI; Starkey RE; Roberts AC; Grice JD.
pp 13-16
The structure of antimonian dussertite and the role of antimony in oxysalt
Kolitsch U; Slade PG; Tiekink ERT; Pring A.
pp 17-26
Proposed nomenclature for samarskite-group minerals: new data on
ishikawaite and calciosamarskite. 
Hanson SL; Simmons WB; Falster AU; Foord EE; Lichte FE.
pp 27-36
Chromian illite-ankerite-quartz parageneses from the Kintail district of
southern Ross-shire, Scotland. 
Clifford TN; Rex DC; Green R; le Roex AP; Pienaar HS; Buhmann D.
pp 37-52
Mn- and F-bearing rasvumite in natrocarbonatite at Oldoinyo Lengai
volcano, Tanzania. 
Jago BC; Gittins J.
pp 53-55
The correlation between lithium and magnesium in trioctahedral micas:
Improved equations for Li2O estimation from MgO data. [Review] [Abstract
Tischendorf G; Forster HJ; Gottesmann B.
pp 57-74
Synthesis of thallium-leucite (TlAlSi2O6) pseudomorph after analcime.

Kyono A; Kimata M; Shimizu M; Saito S; Nishida N; Hatta T.
pp 75-83
A geochemical study of two peraluminous granites from south-central
Iberia: the Nisa-Albuquerque and Jalama batholiths. 
Ramirez JA; Menendez LG.
pp 85-104
Zoning of chloritoid from kyanite-facies metapsammites, Alpi Apuane,
Franceschelli M; Memmi I.
pp 105-110
Fluid circulation in the Apuane Alps core complex: evidence from extension
veins in the Carrara marble. 
Costagliola P; Benvenuti M; Maineri C; Lattanzi P; Ruggieri G.
pp 111-122
Zr- and LREE-rich titanite from Tre Croci, Vico Volcanic complex (Latium,
Della Ventura G; Bellatreccia F; Williams CT.
pp 123-130
A scanning electron microscope study of post-depositional changes in the
northeast Nigde ignimbrites, South Central Anatolia, Turkey. [Abstract
Yurtmen S; Rowbotham G.
pp 131-141