ithos, 2006, V 92, N 3-4, December.

Extreme Crustal Metamorphism and Related Crust–Mantle Processes
Edited by K. Sajeev and M. Santosh

Extreme crustal metamorphism and crust–mantle 
processes: An introduction • 
K. Sajeev and M. Santosh
Pages v-ix 

Preservation/exhumation of ultrahigh-pressure 
subduction complexes • 
Pages 321-335 
W.G. Ernst

Prograde garnet-bearing ultramafic rocks 
from the Tromso Nappe, northern Scandinavian Caledonides • 
Erling J.K. Ravna, Kare Kullerud and Edel Ellingsen
Pages 336-356 

Phanerozoic high-pressure eclogite and 
intermediate-pressure granulite facies 
metamorphism in the Gyeonggi Massif, 
South Korea: Implications for the eastward 
extension of the Dabie–Sulu 
continental collision zone • 
Sung Won Kim, Chang Whan Oh, Ian S. Williams, 
Daniela Rubatto, In-Chang Ryu, V.J. Rajesh, 
Cheong-Bin Kim, Jinghui Guo and Mingguo Zhai
Pages 357-377 

Mineral and fluid inclusions in zircon of 
UHP metamorphic rocks from the CCSD-main 
drill hole: A record of metamorphism 
and fluid activity • 
Zeming Zhang, Kun Shen, Yilin Xiao, 
Jochen Hoefs and J.G. Liou
Pages 378-398 

Aqueous fluids and hydrous melts in 
high-pressure and ultra-high pressure 
rocks: Implications for element 
transfer in subduction zones • 
Jorg Hermann, Carl Spandler, 
Alistair Hack and Andrey V. Korsakov
Pages 399-417 

Excess 40Ar-free phengite in 
ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic 
rocks from the Lago di Cignana 
area, Western Alps • 
Chitaro Gouzu, Tetsumaru Itaya, 
Hironobu Hyodo and Takaaki Matsuda
Pages 418-430 

Sulfide evolution in high-temperature
to ultrahigh-temperature metamorphic
rocks from Lutzow–Holm Complex, 
East Antarctica • 
T. Kawakami, D.J. Ellis and A.G. Christy
Pages 431-446 

Anticlockwise evolution of 
ultrahigh-temperature granulites 
within continental collision 
zone in southern India • 
M. Santosh and K. Sajeev
Pages 447-464 

Partial melting and P–T evolution of
the Kodaikanal Metapelite Belt, southern India • 
K. Sajeev, M. Santosh and H.S. Kim
Pages 465-483 

Ultra high temperature-metamorphism 
and its significance in the 
Central Indian Tectonic Zone • 
Santanu Kumar Bhowmik
Pages 484-505 

Exsolution textures in orthopyroxene 
in aluminous granulites as indicators 
of UHT metamorphism: New evidence 
from the Eastern Ghats Belt, India • 
Sankar Bose, Kaushik Das, Somnath Dasgupta, 
Hiroyuki Miura and Masato Fukuoka
Pages 506-523 

Spinel–sapphirine–quartz bearing 
composite inclusion within garnet 
from an ultrahigh-temperature pelitic 
granulite: Implications for 
metamorphic history and P-T path • 
Toshiaki Tsunogae and M. Santosh
Pages 524-536 

Hercynite–quartz-bearing granulites 
from Brejoes Dome area, Jequie Block, 
Bahia, Brazil: Influence of charnockite 
intrusion on granulite facies metamorphism • 
Johildo Barbosa, Christian Nicollet, 
Carlson Leite, Jean-Robert Kienast, 
Reinhardt A. Fuck and Eron Pires Macedo
Pages 537-556 

Spinel granulite in Odesan area, South Korea: 
Tectonic implications for the collision 
between the North and South China blocks • 
C.W. Oh, S.W. Kim and I.S. Williams
Pages 557-575 

Corundum + quartz and Mg-staurolite 
bearing granulite from the Limpopo Belt, 
southern Africa: Implications for a P-T path • 
Toshiaki Tsunogae and Dirk D. van Reenen
Pages 576-587 

Petrology and mineralogy of granulite-facies 
mafic xenoliths (Sardinia, Italy): Evidence 
for KCl metasomatism in the lower crust • 
Alessandra Montanini and Daniel Harlov
Pages 588-608 

Very-low-temperature record of the 
subduction process: A review 
of worldwide lawsonite eclogites • 
Tatsuki Tsujimori, Virginia B. Sisson, 
Juhn G. Liou, George E. Harlow 
and Sorena S. Sorensen
Pages 609-624 

Author index to volume 92 • 
Pages 625-627