Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2006, V 35, N 9, September.

Physical Properties of the Ternary Mixture 
Chloride at 298.15 K 
N. Calvar, B. Gonzalez, A. Dominguez and J. Tojo

Critical Evaluation of Protonation Constants.
Literature Analysis and Experimental 
Potentiometric and Calorimetric Data for 
the Thermodynamics of Phthalate 
Protonation in Different Ionic Media 
Clemente Bretti, Concetta De Stefano, 
Claudia Foti and Silvio Sammartano

Partial Molar Volumes and Refractions of 
Cobalt(III) Complexes, Part 2: Homologous 
Series of Nitrilopentaamminecobalt(III) Complexes 
Anthony Fucaloro, Robert Pinnell, 
Andrew Zanella, Karen Conrad and Yan Pu

Charge Transfer in the Electron Donor-Acceptor 
Complexes of [60]Fullerene/PM567 and 
Sumanta Bhattacharya, Soumyaditya Mula, 
Subrata Chattopadhyay and Manas Banerjee

On the Molar Volumes and Viscosities 
of Electrolytes 
Yizhak Marcus

Mixed-Ligand Complexes of 
2-(Aminomethyl)benzimidazole Palladium(II) 
with Various Biologically Relevant Ligands 
Ahmed Abdou El-Sherif

Thermodynamics of Aqueous Nitrilotriacetic 
Acid (NTA) Systems: Apparent and Partial 
Molar Heat Capacities and Volumes of 
Aqueous HNTA2-, NTA3-, MgNTA-, CoNTA-, 
NiNTA- and CuNTA- at 25 °C 
Dzmitry Malevich, Zhongning Wang
and Peter R. Tremaine

Refractive Indices, Densities and Excess 
Molar Volumes of Monoalcohols + Water 
Jose V. Herraez and R. Belda

Solubility in the Systems MCl 
(M = Na, K)–1,4-Dioxane–Water at 25 ^C 
Jitka Eysseltova and Zuzana Malkova

Addendum to Effects of the Presence 
of Cyclohexane or Methylcyclohexane on
the Densities and Volumetric Properties 
of the Mixture (Benzene + Propionitrile)