Journal of SOlution Chemistry, 2003, V 32, N 9, September.

pp. 765-780    
Density Prediction for Aqueous Multicomponent Solutions Obeying
Isopiestic Relation and Isopycnotic Mixing Rule 
Tjoon Tow Teng  
pp. 781-790    
Solute–Solvent Interactions of Flavonoids in Organic Solvents 
Claudia Sandoval, Marcos Caroli Rezende, Fernando Gonzalez-Nilo  
pp. 791-802    
Volumetric Properties of Aqueous 2-Chloroethanol Solutions and
Volumes of Transfer of Some Amino Acids and Peptides from Water
to Aqueous 2-Chloroethanol Solutions 
Manoj M. Munde, Nand Kishore  
pp. 803-818    
Effect of Ethylene Glycol on the Molecular Organization of H2O
in Comparison with Methanol and Glycerol: A Calorimetric Study 
Yoshikata Koga  
pp. 819-829    
Behavior of Iodine in Binary Mixtures of Cyclohexane with Dioxane
and Tetrahydrofuran Using a Multivariate Curve Resolution Technique 
Mojtaba Shamsipur, Bahram Hemmateenejad, Morteza Akhond  
pp. 831-852    
Interpretation of the Excess Molar Volumes and Excess Molar
Compressions of Pentan-1-ol + Octan-1-ol Mixtures
on the Basis of the Homomorph Concept 
Monika Gepert, Stefan Ernst  
pp. 853-854    
Erratum: “Ion Interaction Approach: Pressure Effect on the
Solubility of Some Minerals in Submarine Brines and Seawater,
” published in J. Solution Chem. 28, 667–692 (1999) 
Boris S. Krumgalz, Avraham Starinsky