Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2001, V 30, N 9, September.

Activity Coefficients of Sodium Chloride in Water-Ethanol Mixtures: A 
Comparative Study of Pitzer and Pitzer-Simonson Models
A. Lopes, F. Farelo, M. I. A. Ferra
pp. 757-770

133Cs NMR Spectroscopic Investigation of the Interaction of 133Cs+ with 
Monovalent Cations in Aqueous Solution
David S. McKim, Sandra M. Cox
pp. 771-779

Solubility of Solid 1-Hexene and 2-Methylpentane in Liquid Argon and Nitrogen at 
the Standard Boiling Points of the Solvents
Magdalena Kurdziel, Elzbieta Szczepaniec-Cieciak, Ewa Zarnowska, Jolanta Stach, 
Wojciech Nitek, Barbara Dabrowska
pp. 781-794

Excess Molar Enthalpies of Cyclic Ethers with Cyclohexane, Methylcyclohexane, or
C. Lafuente, P. Cea, M. Domínguez, F. M. Royo, J. S. Urieta
pp. 795-805

Volumetric Properties of Acetonitrile with 1,2-Alkanediols (C2-C6) at 20°C
H. Iloukhani, J. B. Parsa, M. Soltanieh
pp. 807-814

Solubility and Crystallization in the System MgCl2-MgSO4-H2O at 50 and 75°C
Chr. Balarew, S. Tepavitcharova, D. Rabadjieva, W. Voigt
pp. 815-823

A New Perspective of Enthalpies of Proton Transfer of Aliphatic Amines, 
Hydroxyamines, and Aminoalkylsulfonic Acids in Methanol-Water Mixtures by Direct 
Venthan B. Naidoo, Munessar Sankar
pp. 825-836

Yttrium and Rare Earth Element Complexation by Chloride Ions at 25°C
Yu-Ran Luo, Robert H. Byrne
pp. 837-845

Erratum: Activity Coefficients of Potassium Chloride in Water-Ethanol Mixtures
A. Lopes, F. Farelo, M. I. A. Ferra
pp. 847-848