Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2000, V 29, N 9, September.

* The Impossibility of Measuring Individual Ion Activity Coefficients
Using Ion Selective Electrodes
Francesco Malatesta
pp. 771-779

* FT-Raman Study of Ionic Interactions in Lithium and Silver
Tetrafluoroborate Solutions in Acrylonitrile
Jose M. Alia, Howell G. M. Edwards
pp. 781-797

* Calculation of the Isotopic Fractionation of Helium in Aqueous
Solution from Effective Potentials
G. Taubmann, W. Witschel
pp. 799-814

* Association Model and Its Representation of Phase Equilibria and
Excess Enthalpies of Alcohol, Aniline, and Acetonitrile Mixtures
Isanu Nagata, Kazuhiro Tamura, Kaoru Tada, Fumihiro Nishikawa
pp. 815-835

* Base Equilibria of Substituted Pyridines in Nitromethane
D. Augustin-Nowacka, Lech Chmurzynski
pp. 837-846

* Solvent Effects on the Absorption and Emission Spectra of Some Nematic
Liquid Crystals: Determination of Dipole Moment and First-Order
N. Srividya, Aloka Sinha, T. A. Prasada Rao
pp. 847-857