Journal of Solution Chemistry, 1999, V 28, N 8, August.

ISSN 0095-9782
  Conductivity of phosphoric acid, sodium, potassium, and ammonium
  phosphates in dilute aqueous solutions from 278.15 K to 308.15 K.
  Tsurko EN; Neueder R; Barthel J; Apelblat A.
  pp 973-999
  A volumetric study of water-decyltrimethylammonium bromide-pentanol
  ternary system from 25 to 130 degrees C at 2 and 19 MPa. 
  De Giacomo A; D'Angelo P; Inglese A; Milioto S; De Lisi R.
  pp 1001-1018
  Thermochemistry of binding of lead(II) and cadminm(II) by saccharides in
  aqueous solution. 
  Mihalick JE; Griffiths WP; Muten JE; Olson TA; Hein JB.
  pp 1019-1030
  Temperature-dependent dielectric relaxation of 2-ethoxyethanol, ethanol,
  and 1-propanol in dimethylformamide solution using the time-domain
  Khirade PW; Chaudhari A; Shinde JB; Helambe SN; Mehrotra SC.
  pp 1031-1043