Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2006, V 35, N 7, July.

On the Hydrolysis of the Tetravalent Uranium Ion U4+ 
Carla Manfredi, Vincenzo Caruso, Ermanno Vasca, 
Stefania Vero, Eugenia Ventimiglia, 
Giuseppe Palladino and Diego Ferri

The Partial Molar Volume and Heat Capacity of 
the Glycyl Group in Aqueous Solution at 25^C 
Nessha M. Wise and Gavin R. Hedwig

Influence of the Alkyl Tail Length on the 
Anionic Surfactant-PVP Interaction 
Anna Maria Tedeschi, Elena Busi, 
Riccardo Basosi, Luigi Paduano 
and Gerardino D’Errico

Enthalpic Interaction Coefficients of 
Formamide in Aqueous Methanol and 
Ethanol Solutions at 298.15 K 
Xu Wang, Nan Xu, Rui Zhang, 
Rui-sen Lin and Wei-dong Yan

Partition Equilibria for Alcohols in 
Reverse Micellar AOT-Oil-Water Systems 
Studied by PGSE-FT NMR. A Comparison 
Between AOT-containing and the 
Corresponding AOT-free Systems 
Harald Walderhaug and Espen Johannessen

H2O-D2O Solvent Isotope Effect on 
Excess Molar Volumes of 
3-Methylpyridine Solutions 
G. Jancso

Enthalpies of Dilution of 
D-p-Hydroxyphenylglycine in 
Buffer Solutions at Different pH 
Min Liu, Rui-Sen Lin and De-Zhi Sun

The Thermodynamic Excess Properties 
of Binary Mixtures: I. Hexanol-1 +o-Xylene 
Kamalendra N. Das, M. Habibullah, 
K. S. Uddin and P. Barua

Partial Molar Volumes of Phenylacetic 
Acid and Several Polysubstituted 
Benzenes at Infinite Dilution in 
Water at Temperatures T = 298 
to 373 K and at Pressures up 
to 30 MPa 
Lucie Striteska, Lubomir Hnedkovsky
and Ivan Cibulka