Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2000, V 29, N 7, July.

* Solid-Solute Phase Equilibria in Aqueous Solution. 
XII. Solubility and Thermal Decomposition of Smithsonite
Wolfgang Preis, Erich Königsberger,
Heinz Gamsjäger
pp. 605-618
* Activity Coefficients of HCl + GdCl3 + H2O System from 
5 to 55°C. Application of Pitzer Formalism
Rabindra N. Roy, Darin R. Gregory, Lakhsmi N. Roy, 
Denis Pierrot, Frank J. Millero
pp. 619-631

* Concentrated Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions: Analytical 
Equations for Humidity-Concentration Dependence
Serge I. Prokopiev, Yuri I. Aristov
pp. 633-649

* Apparent Molar Volumes and Adiabatic Compressibilities 
of Crown Ethers and Glymes in Aqueous Solutions at Various
Pedro Bernal, Albert Bunn, Jennifer Logan, Jennifer McCluan
pp. 651-665

* Molecular Association and Solvent Effects in the Electronic 
and NMR Spectra of the Tricyanoterpyridineruthenate(II) Complex
Marcelo Franco, Koiti Araki, Reginaldo
C. Rocha, Henrique E. Toma
pp. 667-684