Journal of Solution Chemistry, 1999, V 28, N 7, Jul.

ISSN 0095-9782
  Cobalt(II) oxide solubility and phase stability in alkaline media at
  elevated temperatures. 
  Ziemniak SE; Goyette MA; Combs KES.
  pp 809-836
  Osmotic and activity coefficients of CH3SO4Na(aq) and CH3SO4K(aq) at 25
  degrees C. 
  Gampe T; Libus Z.
  pp 837-847
  Modeling heat capacities of high valence-type electrolyte solutions with
  Pitzer's equations. 
  Criss CM; Millero FJ.
  pp 849-864
  Constant-volume heat capacity of H2O+Na2CO3 solutions near the critical
  point of pure water. 
  Abdulagatov IM; Dvoryanchikov VI; Kamalov AN; Abramova EG.
  pp 865-883
  Activities of individual ions from infinite dilution to saturated
  Rabie HR; Wilczek-Vera G; Vera JH.
  pp 885-913
  Influence of proton transfer on the formation of hydrogen-bonded complexes
  of higher stoichiometry and on their dissociation into free ions.
  Huyskens PL; Zeegers-Huyskens T; Pawelka Z.
  pp 915-932
  Activity coefficients for the system HCl+GaCl3+H2O from 5 to 55 degrees C.
  Roy RN; Roy LN; Gregory DR; Kiefer SA; Das B; Pitzer KS.
  pp 933-947
  Thermodynamic study of the aqueous rubidium and manganese bromide system.
  Balarew C; Rabadjieva D; Tepavitcharova S; Christov C; Angelova O.
  pp 949-958
  Hydrolysis of (CH3)(3)Sn+ in various salt media. 
  De Stefano C; Foti C; Gianguzza A; Millero FJ; Sammartano S.
  pp 959-972