Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2006, V 35, N 6, June.

Thermodynamics of Mixtures Containing Organic 
Carbonates. Part XV. Application of the 
Kirkwood-Buff Theory to the Study of 
Interactions in Liquid Mixtures Containing 
Dialkyl Carbonates and Alkanes, 
Benzene, CCl4 or 1-Alkanols 
Juan Antonio Gonzalez, Ismael Mozo, 
S. Villa, Nicolas Riesco, Isaias Garcia de la Fuente 
and Jose Carlos Cobos

Kinetics of Complexation of Uranium with 
Phenol (Br-PADAP) in a 1:1 Water-Ethanol Medium 
Neetika Rawat, P. K. Mohapatra and V. K. Manchanda

Effect of Ammonium Salts on the Volumetric 
and Viscometric Behavior of D(+)-Glucose, 
D(-)-Fructose and Sucrose in Aqueous Solutions at 25C 
Parampaul K. Banipal, Sonal Gautam, 
Sonima Dua and Tarlok S. Banipal

Studies of Thermochemical Properties of a 
New Ionic Liquid Prepared by Mixing 
1-Methyl- 3-Pentylimidazolium Chloride with InCl3 
Jia-Zhen Yang, Wei Guan, Jing Tong, Heng Wang and Lei Li

Binary and Ternary Complexes of Copper(II) 
Involving N,N,N',N'-Tetramethylethylenediamine 
(Me4en) and Various Biologically Relevant Ligands 
Azza A. Shoukry, Mahmoud M. A. Mohamed 
and Mohamed M. Shoukry

DFT Study of Solvent Effects for Some Organic 
Molecules Using a Polarizable Continuum Model 
Ying Wang, Xinlu Cheng, 
Xiangdong Yang and Xiong Yang

Electrical Conductance Studies in 
Aqueous Solutions with Ascorbate Ions 
Alexander Apelblat, Emanuel Manzurola 
and Zoya Orekhova

Potentiometric and UV-Visible 
Spectrophotometric Studies of the 
Stability of Thorium(IV) Complexes 
with (o-Hydroxyphenyl) Mono- 
and Di-Methylenephosphonic Acids 
Embarek Bentouhami, Gilles M. Bouet, 
Marie-Jose Schwing and Mustayeen Ahmed Khan

Extraction of Chemical Speciation and 
Molar Absorption Coefficients with 
Well-Posed Solutions of Beer's Law 
Jean-Francois Boily and Oleg M. Suleimenov