Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2003, V 32, N 6, June.

pp. 473-487    
Solubility of Oxygen in Some 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, and 2-2 Electrolytes
as a Function of Concentration at 25°C 
Frank J. Millero, Fen Huang, Taylor B. Graham  
pp. 489-504    
Hydrolysis of Protactinium(V). II. Equilibrium Constants at 40 and 60°C:
A Solvent Extraction Study with TTA in the Aqueous System Pa(V)/H2O/H+/Na+/ClO-4 
C. Le Naour, D. Trubert, C. Jaussaud  
pp. 505-517    
Hydrolysis of Protactinium(V). III. Determination of Standard Thermodynamic Data 
D. Trubert, C. Le Naour, C. Jaussaud, O. Mrad  
pp. 519-526   
Enthalpies of Solution of Organic Solutes in the Ionic Liquid
1-Methyl-3-ethyl-imidazolium Bis-(trifluoromethyl-sulfonyl) Amide 
Wojciech Marczak, Sergey P. Verevkin, Andreas Heintz  

pp. 527-534    
Solubility of 1-Butene in Water and in a Medium for Cultivation 
of a Bacterial Strain 
Maria Celeste C. Serra, A. M. F. Palavra  

pp. 535-546    
Water Activities and Osmotic and Activity Coefficients
of Aqueous Solutions of Nitrates at 25°C by the Hygrometric Method 
Mohamed El Guendouzi, Mohamed Marouani  
pp. 547-558    
Partial Molar Volumes and Partial Molar Adiabatic Compressibilities
of Fe(III) Tetrafluoroborate Complexes with DMSO, Pyridine,
and Pyridine Derivatives 
Nibaran C. Dey, Jinamoni Bhuyan, Inamul Haque  
pp. 559-567    
The Second Dissociation Constant of Carbonic Acid in Ethanol–Water
Mixtures from 5 to 45°C 
Jia-Zhen Yang, Dian-Zhen Lu, Hong-Chang Li, Chao-Jun Hou  
pp. 569-569    
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