Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2001, V 30, N 6, June.

* Electrochemical Study of the Chelation of Cu2+ Cation by 18-Crown-6-Ether and
Hydroxybenzoic Acids in Aqueous Solution
E. Junquera, A. Pasero, E. Aicart
pp. 497-508

* An Aqueous Thermodynamic Model for Polymerized Silica Species to High
Ionic Strength
Andrew R. Felmy, Herman Cho, James R.Rustad, Marvin J. Mason
pp. 509-525

* Study of Aqueous Al2(SO4)3 Solution under Hydrothermal Conditions: Sulfate
Ion Pairing, Hydrolysis, and Formation of Hydronium Alunite
Wolfram W. Rudolph, Roger Mason
pp. 527-548

* Zinc(II), Cadmium(II), Mercury(II), and Lead(II) Complexes of
N-Carboxymethyl-D,L-threonine in Aqueous Solution
A. Matilla, J. M. Tercero, C. Valenzuela, C. Moreno, M. A. Sanjuan
pp. 549-559

* Prediction of Nitrogen Solubility in Pure Water and Aqueous NaCl Solutions
up to High Temperature, Pressure, and Ionic Strength
Rui Sun, Wenxuan Hu, Zhenhao Duan
pp. 561-573

* Partial Molar Volumes and Heat Capacities of Some Analogs of Acyclovir
A. Zielenkiewicz, B. Golankiewicz, W. Zielenkiewicz
pp. 575-583