Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2000, V 29, N 6, June.

* Thermodynamic Analysis of Phase Equilibria in the System
P. Waldner, H. Gamsjäger
pp. 505-520

* Nonelectrolyte Solvation in Aqueous Dimethyl Sulfoxide-A 
Calorimetric and Infrared Spectroscopic Study
G. Reza Bebahani, David Dunnion, Patrick Falvey, Kenneth Hickey, 
Mary Meade, Yvonne McCarthy, Martyn C. R. Symons, W. Earle Waghorne
pp. 521-539

* Solubility of Lithium Monoborate in High-Temperature Water
W. A. Byers, W. T. Lindsay Jr., R. H.Kunig
pp. 541-559

* Thermodynamics of 1:1 Electrolyte Solutions in Water +
N,N-Dimethylformamide Mixed Solvent System at 25°C: Molar 
Excess Enthalpy of Mixing
B. R. Deshwal, K. C. Singh, D. R. Schreiber
pp. 561-574

* Partial Molar and Excess Volumes and Adiabatic 
Compressibilities of Binary Mixtures of Ethanolamines with Water
Brent Hawrylak, Susan E. Burke, R.Palepu
pp. 575-594

* Concentration Dependence of Thermoelectric Power in Aqueous
Tetra-n-Butylammonium Hydroxide Using Hydrogen Electrodes
Arthur D. Payton, Yi Zhang, Nicolas C.Baker
pp. 595-604