Journal of Solution Chemistry, 1999, V 28, N 6, Jun.

ISSN 0095-9782
  Combined flow-mixing power-compensation calorimeter and vibrating tube
  densimeter for measurements at superambient condition. 
  Hynek V; Degrange S; Polednicek M; Majer V; Quint J; Grolier JPE.
  pp 631-666
  Ion-interaction approach: Pressure effect on the solubility of some
  minerals in submarine brines and seawater. 
  Krumgalz BS; Starinsky A; Pitzer KS.
  pp 667-692
  The use of isothermal heat-conduction calorimetry in direct measurements
  of solvent vapor pressure. 
  Berling D; Jonsson B; Olofsson G.
  pp 693-710
  Solid-solute phase equilibria in aqueous solution. XI. Aqueous solubility
  and standard Gibbs energy of cadmium carbonate. 
  Gamsjager H; Preis W; Konigsberger E; Magalhaes MC; Brandao P.
  pp 711-720
  Simulation of industrial processes involving concentrated aqueous
  Konigsberger E; Eriksson G.
  pp 721-730
  Aqueous solubilities, infinite dilution activity coefficients and
  octanol-water partition coefficients of tricyclic analogs of acyclovir.
  Zielenkiewicz W; Golankiewicz B; Perlovich GL; Kozbial M.
  pp 731-745
  Application of the Pitzer model to a weakly associated uni-univalent
  electrolyte in mixed solvents: Solubility of thallium(I) chloride in the
  system TlCl plus NaCl plus methanol plus water at 25 degrees C. 
  Khoo KH; Fernando KR; Fereday RJ.
  pp 747-758
  Calorimetric studies on the pH dependence in hairpin formation within the
  human enkephalin enhancer region. 
  Hopkins HP; Hamilton DD; Wilson WD; McMurray CT.
  pp 759-768
  Cryoscopic studies of the uranyl sulfate-water, uranyl nitrate-water, and
  uranyl nitrate-nitric acid-water systems. 
  Apelblat A.
  pp 769-776
  Thermodynamic properties of aqueous solution of 2-isopropoxyethanol at 25
  degrees C. 
  Tamura K; Sonoda T; Murakami S.
  pp 777-789
  Thermodynamic study of the NaCl+Na2SO4+H2O system by emf measurements at
  four temperatures. 
  Galleguillos-Castro HR; Hernandez-Luis F; Fernandez-Merida L; Esteso MA.
  pp 791-807