Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2006, V 35, N 5, May.

Theoretical Investigations of the Effect 
of a Homologous Series of Anionic 
Surfactants on the Metabolism 
Bioactivity of Chromobacterium violaceum 
Muftah M. Basheer, Carlos E. Perles, 
Pedro L. O. Volpe and Claudio Airoldi

Influence of the Coordination of Donor 
Solvent Molecules to 
1,4,7,10-Tetramethyl-1,4,7,10- tetraazacyclododecanenickel(II) 
and Analogous Nickel(II) Complexes on Their Steric Factors 
Takashi Yokoyama, Kazuhiro Ikemoto, Takatsugu Kihara,
Kouhei Teramura, Keisuke Uryu, Kohji Shimizu, 
Motoki Bitoh, Kohji Matsuzaki and Michio Zenki

Thermodynamic Behavior of Non-Ionic Tri-block
Copolymers in Water at Three Temperatures 
R. De Lisi, G. Lazzara, R. Lombardo, 
S. Milioto, N. Muratore and M. L. Turco Liveri

Enthalpies of Dilution and Enthalpies 
of Mixing of Amino Acids with Sucrose 
in Aqueous Solutions at 298.15 K 
Huaji Liu, Ruisen Lin and Honglin Zhang

The Solubility of Boric Acid in 
Electrolyte Solutions 
Mareva Chanson and Frank J. Millero

Experimental Study of the Effect of 
Temperature, Pressure and Concentration 
on the Viscosity of Aqueous NaBr Solutions 
Ilmutdin M. Abdulagatov and Nazim D. Azizov

Complexes of Uracil (2,4-Dihydroxypyrimidine) 
Derivatives Part III. pH-Metric, ISE, 
and Spectrophotometric Studies on Co(II),
Ni(II), and Zn(II) Complexes 
Aleksander Kufelnicki, Jan Jaszczak, 
Urszula Kalinowska-Lis, Cecylia Wardak 
and Justyn Ochocki

Thermodynamic and Conductivity Properties 
of Cd(NO3)2 in monosaccharide (D -glucose,
D -galactose, D -xylose, D -ribose) + 
water systems at 298.15K 
Kelei Zhuo, Yaping Wang, Qian Liu, 
Honghao Zhang and Jianji Wang

Kinetics and Equilibria for Complex 
Formation between Palladium(II) 
and Chloroacetate 
Premysl Lubal and Lars I. Elding