Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2001, V 30, N 5, May.

* Excess Enthalpies of Ethyl tert-Butylether + 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane 
+ Decane or Dodecane at 25C
]Zhaohui Wang, Yoshiteru Horikawa, George C. Benson, Benjamin C.-Y. Lu
pp. 401-410

* Excess Molar Volumes and Partial Molar Volumes of Dipropylene Glycol
Monomethyl Ether + n-Alkanol Mixtures at 25C
Amalendu Pal, Harsh Kumar
pp. 411-423

* Excess Molar Enthalpies of Binary Mixtures of Trichloroethylene with Six
2-Alkanols at 25C
H. Iloukhani, J. B. Parsa
pp. 425-433

* Ultrasonic Velocities and Isentropic Compressibilities of Electrolytes in
2-Methoxyethanol from 15 to 35C
Pitchai J. Victor, Bijan Das, Dilip K. Hazra
pp. 435-442

* Determination of Stoichiometric Dissociation Constants of Benzoic Acid
in Aqueous Sodium or Potassium Chloride Solutions at 25C
Jaakko I. Partanen, Pekka M. Juusola, Pentti O. Minkkinen
pp. 443-462

* Determination of the Activity Coefficients of NaCl in the System
Xiaoyan Ji, Xiaohua Lu, Shaowu Li, Luzheng Zhang, Yanru Wang, Jun Shi
pp. 463-473

* On the Evolution of the Concept of Solvation Thermodynamics
A. Ben-Naim
pp. 475-487

* Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Potassium Fluoride under Superambient
Bijan Das, Kenneth S. Pitzer
pp. 489-496