Journal of Solution Chemistry, 1999, V 28, N 5, May.

ISSN 0095-9782
  Single-ion contributions to activity coefficient derivatives, second
  moment coefficients, and the liquid junction potential. 
  Raineri FO; Friedman HL; Stell G.
  pp 463-488
  Osmotic coefficients and activity coefficients of nonaqueous electrolyte
  solutions. Part 2. Lithium perchlorate in the aprotic solvents acetone,
  acetonitrile, dimethoxyethane, and dimethylcarbonate. 
  Barthel J; Neueder P; Poepke H; Wittmann H.
  pp 489-503
  Predicting excess enthalpies of ether and/or hydrocarbon binary mixtures.
  Peng DY; Benson GC; Lu BCY.
  pp 505-519
  Thermodynamic modeling of actinide complexation with acetate and lactate
  at high ionic strength. 
  Moore RC; Borkowski M; Bronikowski MG; Chen JF; Pokrovsky OS; Xia YX;
  Choppin GR.
  pp 521-531
  Application of Pitzer's equations for modeling the aqueous thermodynamics
  of actinide species in natural waters: A review. 
  Felmy AR; Rai D.
  pp 533-553
  New cyclodextrin-based ion-selective electrodes for determining activity
  coefficients of biologically important onium ions. 
  Barriada JL; Covington AK; Kataky R.
  pp 555-565
  Enthalpies of dilution of some aqueous transition metal sulfate solutions
  at 25 degrees C. 
  Schreiber DR; DeWyse K; Schreiber LC; Tung T.
  pp 567-573
  On the pressure and electric field dependencies of the relative
  permittivity of liquids. 
  Marcus Y; Hefter G.
  pp 575-592
  Activity and osmotic coefficients from the Emf of liquid-membrane cells.
  VII: Co(ClO4)(2), Ni(ClO4)(2), K2SO4, CdSO4, CoSO4, and NiSO4. 
  Malatesta F; Carbonaro L; Fanelli N; Ferrini S; Giacomelli A.
  pp 593-619
  Raman spectroscopy of aqueous ZnSO4 solutions under hydrothermal
  conditions: Solubility, hydrolysis, and sulfate ion pairing. 
  Rudolph WW; Brooker MH; Tremaine PR.
  pp 621-630