Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2006, V 35, N 4, April.

Photophysical Properties of Safranine T in 
Aqueous Glycol Oligomer Mixtures 
Stephanie A. Moore, Subhash C. Bhattacharya 
and Rama M. Palepu

Energies of Charge Transfer for the 
Supramolecular Complexes of [60]- and 
[70]Fullerenes with a Series of
in the Solution State 
Sumanta Bhattacharya, Sandip K. Nayak, 
Subrata Chattopadhyay and Manas Banerjee

Diffusion of Cesium Ions Labeled with 
134Cs in Agar Gel Containing Alkali 
Metal Iodides: Obstruction Effect 
and Activation Energy 
Narendra A. Gokarn and Nilima S. Rajurkar

Study of Electron Donor–Acceptor Complex 
Formation of o-Chloranil With a Series 
of Phosphine Oxides and Tri- n-butyl 
Phosphate by the Absorption 
Spectrometric Method 
Sumanta Bhattacharya, Shrabanti Bhattacharya 
Banerjee, Kalyan Ghosh, 
Sukalyan Basu and Manas Banerjee

Pressure Dependence of the Acid/Base 
Equilibria of Methyl Orange in Aqueous 
Solutions to 1000 bar at 20°C 
O. M. Suleimenov and Jean-Francois Boily

Buffer Standards for the Physiological 
pH of the Zwitterionic Compound, 
TAPS, From 5 to 55 ?C 
Lakshmi N. Roy, Rabindra N. Roy, 
Cole E. Denton, Sean R. LeNoue, 
Curtis A. Himes, Sarah J. Richards, 
Ashley N. Simon, Chandra N. Roy 
and Vikram S. Somal

Hydrophobic Interactions of Methylureas 
in Aqueous Solutions Estimated with 
Density, Molal Volume, Viscosity and 
Surface Tension from 293.15 to 303.15 K 
Man Singh and Ajay Kumar

Deliquescence Relative Humidity 
Measurements Using an Electrical 
Conductivity Method 
Lietai Yang, Roberto T. Pabalan 
and Miriam R. Juckett

Second Dissociation Constant of 
Acid (BICINE) and pH of Its 
Buffer Solutions from 5 to 55 °C 
Lakshmi N. Roy, Rabindra N. Roy, 
Cole E. Denton, Sean R. LeNoue, 
Chandra N. Roy, Shahaf Ashkenazi, 
Thomas B. Williams, Daniel R. Church, 
Michael S. Fuge and Kartik N. Sreepada