Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2002, VV 31, N 4, April.

pp. 253-260    
Solubility of Solid 1-Hexyne in Liquid Argon and Nitrogen at the Standard 
Boiling Points of the Solvents 
Magdalena Kurdziel, Elzbieta Szczepaniec-Cieciak, Marek Golonka, Barbara Dabrowska, Wojciech Nitek  

pp. 261-277    
Hydrolysis of Protactinium(V). I. Equilibrium Constants at 25°C: A Solvent 
Extraction Study with TTA in the Aqueous System Pa(V)/H2O/H+/Na+/ClO4- 
D. Trubert, C. Le Naour, C. Jaussaud  

pp. 279-292    
Enthalpies of Solution of Organic Compounds in Water/Octan-1-ol Mixtures. 
II. Bifunctional Saturated Compounds 
Luca Bernazzani, Giovanni Conti, Vincenzo Mollica  

pp. 293-303    
Solubility of Crystalline Nonelectrolyte Solutes in Organic Solvents: 
Mathematical Correlation of Benzil Solubilities with the Abraham General 
Solvation Model 
William E. Acree, Jr., Michael H. Abraham  

pp. 305-315    
Dielectric Study of n-Butyl Acetate–Alcohol Mixtures by Time-Domain 
Ajay Chaudhari, R. M. Shirke, N. M. Nore, P. B. Patil  

pp. 317-339    
Activity Coefficients of Individual Ions from Titration Data 
Issam Jano, Tammy Jarvis  

pp. 341-341