Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2006, V 35, N 3, March.

Studies on Volumetric Properties of Concentrated 
Aqueous Solutions of the Ionic Liquid BMIBF4 
Qing-Guo Zhang, Feng Xue, Jing Tong, Wei Guan and Bin Wang

Solubility and Excess Molar Properties of 
1,3-Dimethylimidazolium Methylsulfate, or 
1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Methylsulfate, 
or 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Octylsulfate 
Ionic Liquids with n-Alkanes and Alcohols: 
Analysis in Terms of the PFP and FBT Models1 
U. Domanska, A. Pobudkowska and A. Wisniewska

Temperature Dependence of the Solubility of 
Acetaminophen in Propylene Glycol 
+ Ethanol Mixtures 
Jackson A Jimenez and Fleming Martinez

Diffusion Coefficients for Binary, Ternary, 
and Polydisperse Solutions from 
Peak-Width Analysis of Taylor 
Dispersion Profiles 
Rachel Callendar and Derek G. Leaist

Precise Conductance Measurements on Dilute 
Aqueous Solutions of Sodium and Potassium 
Hydrogenphosphate and Dihydrogenphosphate 
A. D. Pethybridge, J. D. R. Talbot and W. A. House

Volumetric Properties of Aqueous 
Solutions of Cyclohexylsulfamic Acid 
Cveto Klofutar and Darja Rudan-Tasic

Acidity Constants of Supported Salts of 
Heteropoly Acids Using a Methodology 
Related to the Potentiometric Mass 
Titration Technique 
K. Mohan Reddy, N. Lingaiah, 
P. S. Sai Prasad and I. Suryanarayana

Experimental and Theoretical Description 
of Binary Mixtures Containing 
Monohydric Alcohols 
Monika Gepert and Barbara Stachowska

Densities and Kinematic Viscosities 
of Ten Binary Liquid Regular Solutions 
at 308.15 and 313.15 K 
Walid A. Al Gherwi, Abdulghanni H. Nhaesi 
and Abdul-Fattah A. Asfour